Kydd Series

“A sensitive and insightful portrayal of a common man’s rise to fame and distinction in the age of fighting sail. From the fo’c’sle as a pressed man to prime seaman to command of a crack frigate and more. Reeks of authenticity and understanding with tales to engross landlubber and sailor alike”   – George Jepson, editor  Quarterdeckbuy the books


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June 2018

[ November 2018 ]






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Kydd (First book)

The Kydd Series, closely based on real events from history, is the story of one man’s journey from pressed man to Admiral in the Great Age of Fighting Sail. There are a projected 21 titles in the series. Although they form a series, each book can be read alone as a complete story. They are available as hardbacks, paperbacks, e-books and audiobooks; a number of titles have been translated into French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

[ Full list of KYDD titles, in order ]

100 Comments on “Kydd Series

  1. Julian,
    I just completed the first book of the Kydd series. Very well done. I can’t wait to complete the next. Thank you for your excellent work!

  2. I think I first started reading the Kydd series in 2005 or 2006. I picked up Kydd at a book sale and was instantly hooked. This series has become an old friend. I love it whenever I re-enter Kydd’s world. And I’m a person who has rarely seen the sea, much less sailed on it.

    I’ve never been able to get into Patrick O’Brien, I find the Kydd series much more exciting and accessible. Thank you Julian Stockwin for creating this amazing character and his world.

  3. I’ve just started to read Pasha, for the second time! The earlier books I have read three or four times as when I reach the end of the last book published I simply start the series again… My last reading took me to the end of Tyger. The series is a long and full tale and I find it useful to remind myself of the earlier stages (my grey matter is getting a bit soft these days!), plus it helps me retain the overall context of the story.
    I don’t know if it’s my background as a junior/senior RN rating, but so far I think the “afore the mast” tales are my favourites, particularly where they touch on Jack’s hardships.
    Julian paints such a vivid picture of late 17th early 18th century fighting sail but I also love his imagery of the Caribbean of that time.
    Thank you.

  4. I started reading the Thomas Kydd adventures at the beginning of last October, after a friend recommended the books but with a warning, that they will consume every minute of my spare time.
    Indeed he was right, at the moment I am just finishing Tyger, book 16 and Inferno already ordered. I’m reading a book and a half a week…! The period history fascinates me and as a result, I find I am now researching Napolean and also the French revolution. There is so much fact in the stories that you feel you just have to check out it’s authenticity, so now I am well versed on such as the Cape Province, battles at Alexandria, Acre, the Dardenelles, the list is endless but all my friends now think I’m something of a historian, which I suppose is rapidly becoming true, a million thanks to Julian for his meticulous research. My biggest worry is with what am I going to fill the void once the last book has been read..!!

  5. Thank you for mentioning a Lieutenant Herrick in “Betrayal”. It brought a smile to my face. And, yes, I have all the Kydd series, but I am trying not to read them all at once!

  6. I am quite fascinated by the Kydd series, and am a bit disappointed that the titles Tyger and Inferno are not available on Is there any way to make those available to those of us that love to listen to audiobooks?

  7. Greetings Julian…….Just finished Persephone, it was certainly different but superb !
    As usual I have to ask you for some clues on timing for our next morsel ?
    Having loved Silk Tree and Dust of Death, do you plan another ?

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  12. I started the Kydd series last September and have just completed Treachery. This puts me past the half-way mark in the series. The stories continue to exceed my expectations in plot, sailing detail, historical settings, and character. While I am a slow reader, I cannot help but notice I am finishing books faster than they are coming out. Sadly I don’t see a remedy for this problem…unless I read slower : )

    The stories have created in me a desire to visit Malta and the Channel Islands to find some of the historical character that flows from the books. I will also be delving into the Maritime Miscellany to learn more technical details. I live a thousand miles from any real coastline, but love the sea. Thanks for the many hours of happy diversion.

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  14. another brilliant book, PERSEPHONE is another addition to a series that leaves you wanting more.

  15. For audiobook fans who are frustrated, as I am, that the US website has every Kydd book published, except for “Tyger” and “Inferno”, which they say aren’t available due to some kind of licensing issue: I have just discovered that both titles are available from They operate about the same as Audible- you can sign up for a 30-day free trial, which entitles you to one free book, then subsequent months are $14.95, and you can cancel at any time. At last I can listen to the “missing” volumes! Strangely enough, Audible DOES offer “Persephone”.

  16. Hello, Ben – it was released in the UK on May 18 in hardback, ebook and audio download. In the States it was released at the same time as an ebook and audio download but the hardback is not out until early September. However you can purchase it now from the States via here with a discount and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

  17. Hello,

    I am in the US and love the Kydd series. I have been waiting for Persephone to be released and thought it was to be released in May, but the US Amazon store will not release it until September.

  18. Hi Julian
    Just finished PERSEPHONE and I loved it!
    Drama on every turn of the page and the story was totally engrossing.
    Will probably start it again later this evening.
    Thank you, Mike

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  20. Thank you, Mike! When you’ve caught up you might like to know I’m bringing out TWO new Kydd titles this year, PERSEPHONE and THE BALTIC PRIZE.

  21. Bought Artemis around 2005, enjoyed it, somehow missed that it was part of a series. Am now discovering the rest of the books via my Nook and just finished Seaflower….can’t wait to read the rest. Excellent work sir.

  22. Sorry Julian – I am not on Facebook and so wouldn’t have seen the photo. A Pal of mine produces ballast for ships, oil rigs, etc. etc. has recently completed the first carrier and is now on the way with the second one. I was reading about both carriers and inadvertently used the wrong one in my message.(Sorry Commodore Kyd). Looking forward to May!!.

  23. Just reading about the new carrier The Prince of Wales and noted that the name of the captain is Jerry Kyd! Short of the final ‘d’ but most obviously carrying forward the Tom Kydd tradition.You have a long way to go to get the series up to date Julian

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  25. Okay so I’m officially hooked! The opening chapter of The Privateer’s Revenge ironically connects to Mr. Stockwin’s first…and threads all other eight to this….steady as she goes…

  26. Pleased you enjoyed INFERNO, John, even if you couldn’t spin it out…The next book is PERSEPHONE, out in May 2017 so not that long to wait!

  27. I have just finished ” Inferno ” and it was splendid Bigjules….Thank you.
    During my long wait for the new book I decided that in order to make the book last I would limit myself to a chapter a day.
    Imagine my horror once purchasing ” Inferno ” and hungrily starting the first chapter, I had finished it in around one and a half minutes !.
    I immediately sought out how many chapters there were and found the grand total of one hundred and five !. How could I possibly survive on my diet you might well ask.
    Well of course I couldn’t and just gorged my way through in record time.
    Now I have to wait and wait for the next feast………or do I ?

    Happy writing

    John Plumer

    ( Did you know that Nathaniel Drinkwater was under the raft in Tilsit ? )

  28. Very interesting to find my family name “Kydd”…as the title to an exciting series of books of high seas in the 1800’s…even more interesting to see my middle name Beresford also used in your books….My grandfather Ernest Ferdinand McClellan Kydd from a small whale village call Bequia, his brother was Henry Beresford Kydd….go to FB/ Kydd Family for more info…

  29. My agent is working on this but at the moment no firm date. I’m sorry to disappoint but hopefully it will be available in the near future.

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  31. There’s the:
    Drinkwater series
    Fighting Sails
    Gentleman Captain (17th century during the restoration)

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  34. I, Believe the same thing. It is a continuation of Patrick O’Brien- but a bit lighter and historically as accurate!!

  35. Having completed Kent’s Bolitho, Forester’s Hornblower, Pope’s Ramage, and O’Brian’s Aubrey series, I thought I had read through every set of sailing books out there. That prospect made life just a little bit duller.

    Then I came across Kydd and bought it with great expectations. My hopes were not only fulfilled but blown away. I found the characters, action, and story in your first book to far far surpass all those I mentioned at the start. And none of them had the courage to start with a pressed man.

    Knowing there are many books ahead of me brightens my day. It is as if I stumbled across buried treasure. I am going to set out to track down first editions as quickly as I am able. Thanks for your efforts to bringing historical seafaring alive for us all.

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  37. Dear Mr Stockwin. I’m recently retired and by chance i picked up your book “Tyger” at our local library. I liked it so much I made it my summer’s quest to read your entire Kydd series. (In order this time) I just finished the last one today. I thoroughly enjoyed every one. Thank you so much for energizing my joy of reading again.
    B Daw Canada

  38. Read the whole series. ..just finished Tyger. I am looking forward to the October release. I have had 40 years at sea…mostly Canadian towboats…Kydd sounds like men I have known.

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