INFERNO Blog Tour!

inferno-blog-tourI’m excited about the upcoming Inferno Blog Tour, kicking off tomorrow with an excerpt from the book at The Tattooed Book Geek. The following day I’ll be answering questions about the Kydd Series and my life as an author from Stuart Simpson at Always Trust in Books. Then, on the 8th I’ll be at Kirsty’s Book Reviews with a Guest Post – ‘Inferno: the Creation of a Kydd Tale.’ The last stop on the Blog Tour is at Parmenion Books for another q & a session about my work, with Robin Carter. Hope you can join the Blog Tour – and I’d love to hear your own thoughts on Inferno.

Read my recent blog at H for History, ‘On the Trail of the Second Battle of Copenhagen’
You can also download a free 17-page guide to KYDD’S WORLD

9 Comments on “INFERNO Blog Tour!”

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  3. I have read all of your books several times. This last Kydd book surprised me . I think I need to read it again . Not sure what you are trying to portray. How about some more books like The Silk Tree .

    • INFERNO deals with a battle that is controversial to this day – was it a war crime? By the way I have written two historical standalones – as well as THE SILK TREE, there’s THE POWDER OF DEATH.

      • I really liked Silk Tree & Powder of death would like to see some more like these. I enjoy your writing very much

        • I certainly plan to do more historical standalones in the future, Kenneth but for the moment I am concentrating on the Kydd Series, as there will be TWO titles out next year

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