Ten Cool Facts: Hagia Sophia

The first of a series of blogs spotlighting some of the marvels I’ve come across as I’ve travelled the world researching my books. There’ll be a contest with each blog so watch out for a chance to win book prizes! The glorious Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) is regarded by many as the eighth […]

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Pasha is the fifteenth title in the Kydd series. Captain Kydd finds himself in a critical sphere of interest: the Dardanelles and I think I can guarantee a few surprises in this book… Constantinople – or should I say Istanbul – is one of the world’s genuine iconic locations. It is surpassingly beautiful and has […]

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A Peek at PASHA

Here’s what three advance reviewers of Pasha have said: What a read! This is a very mature novel, with various storylines woven expertly into the history. All I can say is WOW!! So many twists and turns. So many questions answered. So many things set to rights, and then it’s all a whole new set […]

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