My Publication Dates Around the World

us-final-inferno-coverPowder_of_DeathThis year The Powder of Death, my second historical standalone in the GameChangers Series was published in the UK on August 18, and will shortly be released in the States, followed by Canada and Australia. My latest Kydd title, Inferno, was launched in the UK/US in hardback and ebook in early October. All seventeen titles to date in the Kydd Series can be purchased online or at selected bookstores. Here’s a summary of availability of my books around the world

Infernohardback, ebook and audio download
Tygerpaperback, hardback, ebook and audio download
The Powder of Deathhardback, ebook and audio download
The Silk Treehardback, paperback, ebook, audio download
Infernohardback and ebook
(The audiobook is not yet available in the US; I’ll issue an update when it is.)
Tygerhardback, paperback and ebook
(The audiobook is not yet available in the US; I’ll issue an update when it is.)
The Powder of Deathout October 27 in hardback
(already available in ebook and audiobook)
The Silk Treeout in hardback, ebook and audiobook now; paperback out tomorrow!
Infernoout December 6
Tygerout in hardback, paperback and ebook
The Powder of Deathout November 14 in hardback and ebook
The Silk Treeout in hardback and ebook now; paperback October 26
The Powder of Death and The Silk Tree, as well as my Kydd Series, are available from retailers such as Angus & Robertson

By the way, my little non-fiction tome, Stockwin’s Maritime Miscellany is still in print and Wordery will ship it free of postage charges anywhere in the world

And starting next year, 2017, there’ll be two Kydd titles a year! The first of these, Persephone, will be out in the UK in May and in the US a few months later. I’ll be offering Collectors Sets, as usual, and will announce more details of these early in the New Year. You can email me now, however, if you want to go on the list to secure your Collectors Set of Persephone!

2 Comments on “My Publication Dates Around the World”

  1. Just finished “Inferno” … WOW! Since I read mainly at night before bedtime, I took longer getting to sleep each night until the book was completed. Switching between scenarios kept me up with the activities of all characters. Inferno was an account of a part of the British/Danish affairs not much expounded upon, and easy to see why. I never realized that København had been so demolished. With the knowledge derived from the KYDD series, one might gain a degree in history of the Napoleonic Wars. Now … waiting for the next.

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