Live the Adventure!

“One man’s journey from pressed man to Admiral in the Great Age of Fighting Sail…”
The Thomas Kydd Novels [ Download PDF ]


409 Comments on “Live the Adventure!”

  1. I have just read your latest novel (no 192)It was joy for me not just for the adventure but to reacquaint myself with quintessential good English that you use,thank you.Merry Xmas Southsea

  2. Hey Julian,
    after book 8 I had to swoop to english language to read your book. Never I done that before. Now I stay at book 16 and enjoy the time together.

    Thank you,
    Karsten from Hamburg

    • I’m hoping that further titles will be translated into German in the future but for the moment delighted you’re enjoying the English versions.

      • Hi Julian

        First of all merry christmas. Hoppe you’re donig well.

        I also read the first 8 books in german and hoped more books will be translated. I now realised that last translation has been done quite a while ago and also your comment doesn’t sound promising that translation will go oon soon. Do no plans exist to go on with german translation? If so I would need to switch to english version, but am a bit terrified about reading ‘nautic’ english – that’s probably to hard for my skills.



  3. I have read all your Kydd books right up to the Iberian Flame, by now I would have purchased your more recent issues, but have’nt been able to get out to the shops, but I hope to sooner or later. Hope you have managed to evade the virus, keep well.

  4. Excuse my impudence !!. Whilst I have followed Kydd with great relish, I once wrote to you reference the Two wonderful Standalones.
    On opening page 34 of The Times November tenth, I immediately thought of you and a third Standalone, when I read the piece “Western Wall work yields 1,000-year-old………..
    It turned out that during excavations for a lift shaft in Jerusalem a tiny clay jug, containing four 1000 year old gold coins was found.
    That must set your creative juices racing to your laptop!
    I know you you can do it !!

    John Plumer

  5. I’ve read the O’Brian series twice, Pope series, Hornblower series and now your series underway. I read in bed with my I pad beside me to look up some island, port, fortress to better understand the settings. Love your novels.
    What series do you recommend next?
    George McCabe

  6. What a great escape that you have afforded me sir! While I toil and think of the sea at work a little bug of a earphone speaks fantastic stories from you’re imagination that I thank you kindly for and while an avid reader I think a handshake to Christian Rodska wouldn’t be out of the question either. Good writing to you from a fan in Florida!

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