Live the Adventure!

“A sensitive and insightful portrayal of a common man’s rise to fame and distinction in the age of fighting sail. Reeks of authenticity…” Quarterdeck

333 Comments on “Live the Adventure!

  1. Hello. Our library in Austin, Texas, is quite proactive. When I told them that the Kydd books are every bit as good as Patrick O’Brian’s, they agreed to fill out the series. They’ve gotten every one now with two exceptions—Kydd (#1) and Victory (#11). Do you know of a source for these that I can pass on to the library? Thanks. A big fan.

    • That’s great to hear, Craig! I’m in the process of changing my American publisher so there may be a slight delay in availability of those titles but I will try to find a source for them. Please pass on my regards to your library and should they ever want to do a small display I’m always happy to send some promotional material. They should email me for details.

  2. Rereading your
    Kydd series
    Dont know how you
    know so much
    about polite conversation and topics which were on
    peoples lips in that era
    I’m 73 and LOVE
    letting myself be
    taken aboard the
    fabulous adventures
    with Kydd and his
    loyal friend Renzi
    and shipmates
    Thank you so much

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