Live the Adventure!

Coming in June 2018…

The Iberian Flame

263 Comments on “Live the Adventure!

  1. Delighted you enjoyed THE BALTIC PRIZE. No immediate plans for a third standalone but I do have some ideas for a later date…

  2. Just finished “The Baltic Prize”….one of the best of this series! A fascinating tale illuminating a little-know chapter of the British struggle against Napoleon. I didn’t realise that the Baltic victory was the cause of the breakdown of Franco-Russian relations and the resultant invasion by Boney. Thank you very much, Mr.Stockwin! I very much look forward to reading The Iberian Flame.

  3. Just finished the Baltic Prize. Fantastic is all I can say. I can’t wait for the next Kydd book.

  4. Greetings Julian, Finished The Baltic prize shortly after publication.
    As always a terrific read and not long until June. You are making us all wish our lives away, but do carry on !

    Are you working on anything that will fill the third spot in your “occasional”
    and splendid stand alones……just re read SilkTree

  5. Hi Julian, In Chapter 52 of The Baltic Prize, you refer to Capt. Kydd sitting on a swivel chair. The first one was invented by Thomas Jefferson, probably around 1776. I have made a replica of this chair at a class at the now closed Windsor Institute (Mike Dunbar taught the making of all kinds of Windsor chairs). So I immediately was interested in where you got the idea for Kydd to have one. Here is a picture of it:

    …and here is the Wikipedia entry:

    Thanks for the great books on Kydd! I love them all!

  6. Just GOT my Baltic!!! Can’t wait to read it, but now O wonder if I should save it until summer so I could maybe read it and the NEW one back to back!!! Geepers, so many decisions!! I don’t think I can wait. They have ALL been so good in the series. God bless you for continuing to write after 19… May God give you years and years of creativity, ideas, and travels!!

  7. I too enjoy your tall ships books, the Kydd series to be specific. I look forward to reading the new ones If I ever finished wading through the biography BLIGH, about William Bligh’s South Seas adventures. What I prefer about your books that some of the others miss is you don’t bog us down in boring love affairs.

  8. Just finished Baltic Prize Julian, brilliant. Even my first ship was mentioned HMS Centaur. I draw parallels between 1808 and now with Brexit, very similar I think. I also enjoy the language of then as I can think of my ancestors, who I know a great deal about, on how they must have lived and worked. I was amazed that Napoleon purchased English goods for his troops, King Ludd eat your heart out.

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