Two Kydd titles out this year!


Persephone is the next in the Kydd Series and is out now!

This will be followed by The Baltic Prize on November 2


The Powder of Death is the latest in the GameChangers : Moments of History Series and is out now

233 Comments on “Two Kydd titles out this year!

  1. As I read No.1 KYDD again for the umpteenth time, I got to the place where Kydd tearfully crawled into the cable tier for his first night’s rest. And, just as Kydd discovered the cat beside him in the darkness, I felt my pants leg suddenly grasped as a strange orange tabby kitty crawled into my own lap. Scared me to death! My visiting son and family had brought with them their own pet cat left to wander about the house… and mine was the first available lap.

  2. Mr. Stockwin, I’m curious as to what precautions they took to make sure the galley fires didn’t accidentally burn the ship down. I assume there were 2 galleys — one for the foremast jacks and one for the officers. I gather the captain had his own cook, separate from the other officers, so maybe he had his own dedicated galley too. I’d like to know that, too. Maybe on a ship of the line, but probably only 2 galleys on a frigate, and maybe only 1 on a brig.

    BTW, I’m in the middle of TENACIOUS, about to fight the Battle of the Nile. The clergyman, Mr. Peake is having angst over the captain’s request that he lead a service to inspire the men to destroy the French fleet. I thought clergy on ships was bad luck back then.

    • There was one galley fire for both officers and men, set in a thick bed of bricks deep in the centre of the ship. Some captains did have their own cook, but there was no rule for this. Clergymen were not considered bad luck, in fact many captains liked them as they taught midshipmen manners etc. Hope you’re enjoying my Kydd tales!

      • Thank you for answering my question about the galley fire. Yes, I am enjoying your Kydd series of books, and plan to fight the Battle of the Nile this morning while sipping coffee at Starbuck’s.

  3. Hi julian, just completed Persephone, throughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one. can you still post early selected content from the book on your website like the other releases in the past just before the release date, (like next week 🙂 ) for Baltic prize.


  4. Just finished PERSEPHONE in a spare day and a half. Well done….but it always leaves us with a taster for more. So off I go for THE BALTIC PRIZE…As you are in 1807 mode I am hoping for you to go past 1815 as that may see me into my retirement (by the sea with luck) when I start with Book 1 again – and me a Dry Bob too. Thank you for them all – Gerry B

  5. Julian, just read the Powder of Death which was very good and on recent trip back to a England for a meeting in Copenhagen, last week picked up Inferno in Waterstones Piccadilly, which having visited Copenhagen 3 weeks ago and my 4th. Visit to the Citadel ( 6th. To that city) brought it all to life. Beautifully crafted tale, I could barely put the book down, and a tragic and virtually unknown part of British and Danish history, saw the Dockyard and checked on forts locations. Thank you very much for another good read on the plane returning home and now back in Bermuda.

    • Edwin – thank you for your kind words. Kathy and I do hope to be able to make a location research trip to Bermuda at some time in the future.

  6. I’ve just finished reading Tyger this fine sat morning, brought a tear to my eyes and an askance look from the missis, very few books do that and even less I can read more than once

    All the Best

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