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    • I am hoping that further French translations will be undertaken but this is down to my French publisher. Feel free to make your wishes known to them!

  1. Hi…..having been reading Napoleonic naval fiction all my life and must say that I enjoy the Kydd series. I found Inferno off the usual pace but Peresphone was an emotional roller coaster which I could not put down ( even though was holidaying in Thailand)…..just would like to ask what is your plans for the Kydd series?… much as I would like not to end, to you have plan series end or you will just keep going?…..Tony ( Australia)

    • Hi, Tony – the historical record is proving such a rich source of inspiration that I think I have at least another 6 books in the series to come. Delighted you enjoyed PERSEPHONE!

  2. I look forward to receiving the limited edition copy of ‘A Sea Of Gold’ to add to my full collection. I must however admit that, appart from looking at the maps, I no longer read them?! I have found the Audible editions, read by Christian Rodska, to be superb. His performance of your words are a winning combination. I have even purchased the audios of earlier books and found I got much more from them, compared to my original reading.
    Please keep up the partnership.

  3. I always was a big fan of Douglas Reeman and his Bolitho series. By chance I came about your books and bought the first Kydd book. From the start I was hooked. Now just finished book 8 so I have enough left to enjoy. You really made a new big Kydd fan!

  4. Just reading Iberian Flame. Thoroughly enjoying it, like all of the others. Just one small request: Please Julian stop referring to ‘English fleet’ or ‘English ships’ or ‘English sailors’. Britain was well-established then and the majority of the crews were made up of a hotch-potch of English, Irish, Scots and Welsh, plus many other nationalities. In fact I would not be surprised to find that English matelots formed the minority overall….

  5. Just finished “The Iberian Flame”-what an excellent book! Couldnt wait for the next pages yet dreading the end!
    This surely must be one of your best( and thats saying something). I have read all your books and indeed still have them all. Congratulations Julian and your lovely wife! Looking forward to your next in November.

  6. March 22 2018

    Hey Mister Stockwin,
    I’m a french reader for your third Kids adventures.
    Really, they are the better napoleonic sea novels I never red…
    At the same quality O Brian books…
    Why only the third Kids adventures in french translation?..
    It’s very difficult to obtain the overs in english…
    Thank’s for real pleasure reading your novels. I escape realy of my health problems…
    Lionel TREVISAN

    • Delighted you’re enjoying my Kydd tales. Hopefully more will be translated into French in the future but that is down to a French publisher signing up for this

  7. Hi,
    A few years ago I found the chronological sequence of T KYDD books on you website.
    I’ll admit to being a bit remiss and not kept right up to date with books since Tyger.
    It would be useful to see what has followed that novel so unless you can direct me to a complete list on your website can you send me one (a list) to me, please?

  8. Just finished the Baltic Prize. Fantastic is all I can say. I can’t wait for the next Kydd book.

  9. Greetings Julian, Finished The Baltic prize shortly after publication.
    As always a terrific read and not long until June. You are making us all wish our lives away, but do carry on !

    Are you working on anything that will fill the third spot in your “occasional”
    and splendid stand alones……just re read SilkTree

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