Standalones Sail Stateside!

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The GameChangers : Moments of History

I’m delighted to announce that my two historical standalones, The Silk Tree and The Powder of Death have been released in ebook and audiobook formats in the States and Canada. These books are the first two of my standalone series: The Gamechangers: Moments of History. Physical books of the titles will be released a little later in the year in these markets.

The Silk Tree

I have to say that I approached reading this book with some trepidation having been a devoted follower of “Kydd” and had read all his stories. Would the author’s new venture live up to what had gone before? Would the change of time and location hold as much fascination for as my great love of the sea and the Napoleonic wars? Well, I have to say that The Silk Tree exceeded my expectations. What a story; what characters; what detail; what descriptions! I felt that I was there travelling and suffering with Nicander and Marius. The final twist at the end was masterpiece – I didn’t see it coming.‘ – an Amazon reviewer

After escaping the sack of Rome in 549 AD two adventurers risk all to steal the secret of silk from China.

Forced to flee Rome from the barbaric rampages of the Ostrogoths, merchant Nicander meets an unlikely ally in the form of Marius, a fierce Roman legionary. Escaping to a new life in Constantinople, the two land upon its shores lonely and penniless. Needing to make money fast, they plot and plan a number of outrageous money-making schemes, until they chance upon their greatest idea yet.

Armed with a wicked plan to steal precious silk seeds from the faraway land of Seres, Nicander and Marius must embark upon a terrifyingly treacherous journey across unknown lands, never before completed. But first they must deceive the powerful emperor Justinian and the rest of his formidable Byzantine Empire in order to begin their journey into the unknown…An adventurous tale of mischief, humour and deception, Nicander and Marius face danger of the highest order, where nothing in the land of the Roman Empire is quite what it seems.

The Powder of Death

Once again Julian has written a compelling, “Can’t put it down” yarn. Beginning at the end of the 1200’s in England, the story travels to the Holy Land, Italy and France. It tells the story of the use of gunpowder (“The Powder of Death” ) and its development by the Chinese as a novelty. The central figure a blacksmith, turned merchant, Jared, witnesses its use in battle and immediately realizes its potential, Thus the tale of the challenges Jared faces in trying to replicate and harness the power of the powder. A wonderful, informative novel that would make a great movie.‘ – an Amazon reviewer

A tale of the re-discovery of gunpowder and one man’s obsession to bring it to Medieval Europe.

The Powder of Death opens with a returned envoy to China meeting an English scholar in Oxford in the mid-13th century to share a deadly secret. They vow that the knowledge of gunpowder must die with them as the consequences otherwise are too terrible to contemplate.

The novel tells the story of its re-discovery, one man’s obsession with the powder of death, and Edward III’s determination to use it to his advantage. He does so at the Battle of Crecy, the first full-scale battle at which guns are deployed in the field. The nature of warfare is changed forever, and the world hears the death-knell of Knightly chivalry.

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As always, I love to hear from readers so do get in touch if you’ve enjoyed these books! They are obviously a departure from my Kydd sea tales but I’ve always been fascinated by pivotal points in history and I was delighted when Allison & Busby invited me to write these two standalones. More are planned in the future!

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  1. Hi Julian. Great to see that you have diversified from your regular Genre, but pleas do not neglect those followers of the Historical Navel titles, especially that wonderful Kydd series.
    Kindest regards, Bill HINTE.

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