Bookpick: Something old, something new…

This selection spans two centuries – from the Napoleonic wars to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the shipwreck site of Scapa Flow. It includes two classics, recently reprinted, and brand new publications. Whether it’s an addition to your library or just a good holiday read, I hope there’s something for everyone in this special selection. […]

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Books – and prints – for Santa’s Sack 2016

I’m a bit of a bah humbug man when it comes to the commercialisation of Christmas – but there’s one thing that I fervently believe: a book is a present that, if well chosen for the recipient, will give hours of pleasure and be a lasting reminder in itself of someone putting thought, not just […]

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Ask BigJules: Recreational reading

[To leave a comment or reply go to box at the end of the page] Randy S. Veronesi, a 52 year old Ex US Navy vet now living in Sydney, emailed: Many thanks for your wonderful works. I’m an avid fan of the age of sail and the career of Kydd & Renzi has given […]

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