The Iberian Flame: Reader Reviewers Wanted!

The Iberian Flame is the next book in the Kydd series, out in June. Five Early Copies will be up for grabs for reader reviewers! For a chance to win one just email with ‘Iberian Flame Reviewer’ in the subject line. Please include your full postal address. Deadline: May 7. The first five drawn out of the hat will be the winning copies and will go out mid-May.

IberianFlame cover

Here’s a taster of the book:

1808. With the Peninsula in turmoil, Napoleon Bonaparte signs a treaty to dismember Portugal and put his brother, Joseph, on the throne of Spain. Meanwhile, Nicholas Renzi, the Lord Farndon, undertakes a deadly mission to stir up partisan unrest to disrupt this Napoleonic alliance with Spain.

Thrust into the crucible of the uprising, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is dismayed to come up against an old foe from his past – now his superior and commander – who is determined to break him. Kydd will soon face the greatest decision of his professional career. Bonaparte, incensed by the reverses suffered to his honour, gathers together a crushing force and marches at speed into Spain. After several bloody encounters the greatly outnumbered British expedition have no option other than make a fighting retreat to the coast. Only the Navy can save them.
But the flame of insurrection has been lit – and the Peninsular War has begun.

‘Quarterdeck’ featured the book in the latest issue:

‘The Iberian Flame is classic Stockwin, driven by a gripping pace that begs the reader to turn page after page to learn what happens next. As with previous titles in the canon, the writing is strong, creating a delightful and ever-expanding historical canvas.’

(Download the magazine)

The Iberian Flame will be published in hardback, ebook and audio download on June 14 in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton. It will also be available in the States in ebook and audiodownload at that time, with the hardback coming out in August

3 Comments on “The Iberian Flame: Reader Reviewers Wanted!”

  1. I was given Artemis as a Gift from a Veteran Friend of Mine as I was a Commercial Fisherman and have the need to Read between “Hall Backs” of the Fishing Gear. From the First Chapter I was Hooked.!! The way the Story was told it was easy to see in My minds eye and the action drew Me in. I had to go to the local Book Store and get the first in the KYDD Series. Now I Await the next. I am close to the Finish of the Iberian Flame and has to Slow My Reading as it will be Months before the Next Issue in the Series… I am pleased with the Story of Iberian Flame and again have to take My time as I am close to the End.!! Great Read.!!


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