Listen to any good books lately?

The audiobook market continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Spending on audiobooks has more than doubled in the past five years, and demand continues to increase. I have been very fortunate to have had Christian Rodska as the ‘reader’ of the Kydd series right from the beginning. A multi-talented actor/narrator, he has a truly superb range of voices – and a real feel for stories about the sea. Kathy and I, along with many fans, have listened to the entire series several times.

The Kydd Series is now available as audio downloads worldwide. As a Kydd audiobook offers over 11 hours’ listening time, with 21 books out now that’s over 230 hours’ entertainment! Or nearly a month listening every day for 8 hours!

The latest audiobook, A Sea of Gold, is generating rave reviews; here’s three recent ones:

Julian Stockwin is like the gift that just keeps giving. This is an excellent series that I suspect I will just never grow tired of listening to and this is one of the very best of the recent books. There is lots of action, intrigue and for me no little learning about the period in which it is set. It’s hard to believe that this series has been going so long but when Stockwin can keep the like of Kydd, Renzi, Stirk and co. so fresh and introduce new and vibrant characters like the somehow dourly swashbuckling Cochrane to the scene, and Rodska can bring them all to life so authentically, a prognosis for a long and happy life for the series seems sound.

Amazing, can’t wait until the next adventure! Rodska is perfect in his narration.

Patrick O’ Brian’s Aubrey is excellent, C S Forester’s Hornblower is slower but very good, but Julian Stockwin’s Kydd Series is the best, I would recommend this to anyone of any age – it has the lot, historic and naval facts but best of all a darn good copper-bottomed yarn. I must also say that Christian Rodska has brought the whole series to life in a way that I can not see bettered.

(There’ve been a few rights issues with several of the latest titles in the US but I’m pleased to confirm that the whole Kydd Series is now available as audio downloads in the States.)

Where can I buy the audiobook?
In the UK : Audio downloads are available via Amazon UK
The Series is also available via iTunes
(Library users in the UK can borrow the audiobooks in CD format, but the latest titles are not offered for retail sale at the moment.}

In the US
Audio downloads are available via Amazon US
It is also available via iTunes

1024-JulianKathyStockwin 2013Christian Rodska had this to say: ‘It’s always a pleasure when my agent calls to say I have another Kydd adventure by Julian Stockwin to record… His research is impeccable, his knowledge and understanding of the sea and those who spend their lives upon it unparalleled and I look forward to the next one!’
So, on this the last blog for 2018, it just remains to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year from Team Stockwin!

5 Comments on “Listen to any good books lately?”

  1. I am a big fan of Audible as is allows me to work and listen. I can listen and engrave and print LEGO. Now I have come to realize the software people really like LEGO and do small items for them. Recently got a little order from for some “accomplishment bricks” for a team of their programmers, and I had just started listening to you series. I got to thinking,that wouldn’t it be cool if while listening, one could have what I would like to call glance information. With their whispersync technology, it would be easy to be listening to your (and POB and Tolkien) books and on the Kindle or the computer, instead of being synced to the written word, it could simply be synced to the a map that shows the location of the action based on the time stamp of the book. And think of the geography one could learn WITHOUT interrupting the flow of the narration. Would also be a great way to learn a few nautical terms, etc. Not a video–just a simple static map that would update itself every now and again that one could glance over to get oneself oriented and see where Tom is. What do you think?

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  3. I have collected all the ” Kydd ” series in hardback and take enormous pleasure from looking at them lined up on my bookshelves in the study of my home along with collection of good authors.You are in good company, Follet, Baldacci,Conan-Doyle( who lived round the corner from me in Southsea) McGee, B.Cornwall, Lee Child. Forsyth but audio no thanks. Regards Michael Parks

  4. A Merry Christmas and a Happy Year Year to you and Kathy.

    Ron Hathaway USA

    Sent from my iPad. Ronald Hathaway


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