“Historical fiction is a tricky beast. As a writer you have to keep your history in proper shape while combining it with a narrative that someone actually wants to read. Score two out of two for Julian Stockwin.”
– Daily Mail

The Kydd Series

“One man’s journey from pressed man to Admiral in the Great Age of Fighting Sail…”
The Thomas Kydd Novels [ Download PDF ]

The GameChangers Series

Powder of Death Cover

Stockwin’s Maritime Miscellany

Maritime Miscellany

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20 Comments on “Books”

  1. I am a great fan of the Kydd series. Please write as many as you can. I am sure it will prolong my life if there is another on the horizon. Captain of a ship of the line, Vice admiral, Admiral.

  2. Are you planning to write anymore books in your excellent “Moments in History Series”?

    • Nigel – certainly hope to do so but am concentrating on the Kydd series for the moment. Delighted you enjoyed THE SILK TREE and THE POWDER OF DEATH

  3. I read Kydd in July 2018. Am now on Pasha. Some I obtain from the marvellous library in Southsea Portsmouth. I’ve never enjoyed a series of book more. I’m so glad there’s more to come because although I can’t read them quickly enough I dread them ending. I used to be a sailor’s wife and now I’m a guide on HMS Victory. Thank you so much for the hours of pleasure and information your books give me.

    • Hi Anne,I live in Southsea and am a member of the dockyard and Parmy rd Libray, a regular visiter to Victory may see you on board one day after the current crisis regards Michael Parks.

  4. I have all of your Kydd series in paperback and have read then many times!- each with even more enjoyment.
    Is there any prospect of the publishing of the series in a collectors compendium set ?
    My paperbacks won’t stand up to much more usage and I would love a bound set to keep for future years!

    • Nigel – pleased to hear my Kydd tales are giving you so much pleasure. At the moment there are no plans for a compendium set but hopefully this will eventuate at some point in the future

  5. G’day Julian,
    I have read all the Kydd series and look forward to each new book with relish, though I have a question on the series, when you first started the series you said it was the story of Thomas Kydd from Pressed Seaman to Admiral with approx 20 books in the series, we are now about to get number 20 in June and 21 in November and no sign of him even being a promotion to Commodore let alone the eventual promotion to Admiral , can we expect maybe a promotion in 22?
    Thanks and regards Mark Harbour

      • Wonderful news that there will be more adventure that previously thought. I just this minute finished A Sea of Gold, and started the Kydd series in July 2019. I can’t get enough of it, and am a huge fan. When can we expect the next book? Kimberley Waterfield

    • The RN of the period was all about seniority on the List.You only advanced when there was a vacancy.

  6. Awesome Kydd series, was introduced by an elderly neighbor having a clear out of several books, but not the first volume, once I read that from the library I have been hooked and working my through them all.

  7. Julian, I’ve read all the Kydd series and have just started on ‘The Silk Tree’, where I notice ‘The Crakys of War’ announced…
    However I don’t see any evidence anywhere of it actually being published. Is it under another title, or…?

    Looking forward to the next instalment of Kidd and the next GameChanger – and thank you for your gorgeous prose and riveting plot lines!

    Best regards, Tony.

  8. I took a pause when I first read this paragraph, and came back to it several times before completing this marvelous story. This is the kind of writing that keeps readers hooked to reading, searching for another gem such as this. Marvelous:

    “There never was a definite time. Never an exact defining instant at which England finally vanished. One moment the far line of the land was there, only just, and the next time Kydd remembered to look, there was nothing but a horizon innocent of anything but the rimming seascape. It should have been a special moment, leaving his native country astern, but he only felt a curious separation, one in which England carried on with its own cares, duties and pleasures down one line of existence, while Kydd and watery world went another.”

    Kydd, by Julian Stockwin, page 112 of the McBooks Press, Inc. paperback edition

  9. Sir,

    I’ve just finished Tyger and it is bittersweet: knowing the adventure continues, but having to wait until next October.

    I can only describe your latest edition to Tom Cutlass’ adventure a complete triumph.

    Your transition from L’Aurore to Tyger with the introduction of so many new characters was seamless, however nice to see old Toby Stirk still rattlin’ around.

    Given I am a Bray myself, quite a big fellow with a dark complexion and an ex-navalman too, I could not help but warm immediately to Tyger’s new first.

    I thank you sir and eagerly await the next instalment, passing the time by going back over Tom’s adventures past.

    Warmest regards,
    Mr Bray

    • Mr Bray – thank you indeed for your kind words about my latest Kydd title. It always gives me special pleasure to hear from Old Salts! Best wishes, Julian Stockwin

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