Kydd Series

“A sensitive and insightful portrayal of a common man’s rise to fame and distinction in the age of fighting sail. From the fo’c’sle as a pressed man to prime seaman to command of a crack frigate and more. Reeks of authenticity and understanding with tales to engross landlubber and sailor alike”   – George Jepson, editor  Quarterdeckbuy the books


The Baltic Prize: out in November





(Out NOW!)

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Kydd (First book)

The Kydd Series, closely based on real events from history, is the story of one man’s journey from pressed man to Admiral in the Great Age of Fighting Sail. There are a projected 21 titles in the series. Although they form a series, each book can be read alone as a complete story. They are available as hardbacks, paperbacks, e-books and audiobooks; a number of titles have been translated into French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

[ Full list of KYDD titles, in order ]

90 Comments on “Kydd Series

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  2. Bought Artemis around 2005, enjoyed it, somehow missed that it was part of a series. Am now discovering the rest of the books via my Nook and just finished Seaflower….can’t wait to read the rest. Excellent work sir.

    • Thank you, Mike! When you’ve caught up you might like to know I’m bringing out TWO new Kydd titles this year, PERSEPHONE and THE BALTIC PRIZE.

  3. Just reading about the new carrier The Prince of Wales and noted that the name of the captain is Jerry Kyd! Short of the final ‘d’ but most obviously carrying forward the Tom Kydd tradition.You have a long way to go to get the series up to date Julian

      • Sorry Julian – I am not on Facebook and so wouldn’t have seen the photo. A Pal of mine produces ballast for ships, oil rigs, etc. etc. has recently completed the first carrier and is now on the way with the second one. I was reading about both carriers and inadvertently used the wrong one in my message.(Sorry Commodore Kyd). Looking forward to May!!.

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  5. Okay so I’m officially hooked! The opening chapter of The Privateer’s Revenge ironically connects to Mr. Stockwin’s first…and threads all other eight to this….steady as she goes…

  6. I have just finished ” Inferno ” and it was splendid Bigjules….Thank you.
    During my long wait for the new book I decided that in order to make the book last I would limit myself to a chapter a day.
    Imagine my horror once purchasing ” Inferno ” and hungrily starting the first chapter, I had finished it in around one and a half minutes !.
    I immediately sought out how many chapters there were and found the grand total of one hundred and five !. How could I possibly survive on my diet you might well ask.
    Well of course I couldn’t and just gorged my way through in record time.
    Now I have to wait and wait for the next feast………or do I ?

    Happy writing

    John Plumer

    ( Did you know that Nathaniel Drinkwater was under the raft in Tilsit ? )

    • Pleased you enjoyed INFERNO, John, even if you couldn’t spin it out…The next book is PERSEPHONE, out in May 2017 so not that long to wait!

  7. Very interesting to find my family name “Kydd”…as the title to an exciting series of books of high seas in the 1800’s…even more interesting to see my middle name Beresford also used in your books….My grandfather Ernest Ferdinand McClellan Kydd from a small whale village call Bequia, his brother was Henry Beresford Kydd….go to FB/ Kydd Family for more info…

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  11. Having completed Kent’s Bolitho, Forester’s Hornblower, Pope’s Ramage, and O’Brian’s Aubrey series, I thought I had read through every set of sailing books out there. That prospect made life just a little bit duller.

    Then I came across Kydd and bought it with great expectations. My hopes were not only fulfilled but blown away. I found the characters, action, and story in your first book to far far surpass all those I mentioned at the start. And none of them had the courage to start with a pressed man.

    Knowing there are many books ahead of me brightens my day. It is as if I stumbled across buried treasure. I am going to set out to track down first editions as quickly as I am able. Thanks for your efforts to bringing historical seafaring alive for us all.

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  13. Read the whole series. ..just finished Tyger. I am looking forward to the October release. I have had 40 years at sea…mostly Canadian towboats…Kydd sounds like men I have known.

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  21. I am now reading Tyger after having read all the Kydd novels in order. Do you know about when the next title will be available in the states? Obviously, I have enjoyed the series greatly.

  22. Sir, I have just finish Tyger. Oh my god you truly get better. I was in tears toward the end. Only Victory did the same. Again my only regret I finished to quickly and most wait so long for the next yarn.

      • Dear Mr Stockwin. I’m recently retired and by chance i picked up your book “Tyger” at our local library. I liked it so much I made it my summer’s quest to read your entire Kydd series. (In order this time) I just finished the last one today. I thoroughly enjoyed every one. Thank you so much for energizing my joy of reading again.
        B Daw Canada

  23. would you please remind me in which book Nicholas Renzi returned home to take up his inheritance and marry Cecelia Kydd?
    Love the Kydd books. Thanks

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  25. Stockwin’s books have effected me the same as a drug addiction. If one is not published regularly, I are almost convinced I will have withdrawal symptoms!

  26. Through the hustle and bustle of work the last few years I fell behind in my reading. Unfortunately, earlier this year, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. With work putoff while I fight the beast, and plenty of medical appointments to kill time in, my Kindle and Kydd have become constant companions. Thank you sir for such a beautifullly written series and such a group of boon companions. Nothing like a rousing sea battle to raise the spirits!

  27. I recently ‘discovered’ your Kydd series from a 2nd hand book shop… I’m addicted, these are the Richard Sharpe of the sea… every moment of every page…of every book so far…..having read the Hornblower books and tried to wade through Master & Commander…without much success…your Kydd books are wonderfully easy to get right into from page one….thankyou….long may you write….

  28. Dear Julian, I just finished Caribbee and Pasha. They were both well worth waiting for. I really enjoyed the way in which you brought success to Renzi. His introduction of Cecelia to his new life was enjoyable enough to bring a tear to the eye of an old man.

  29. Having run out of Kydd titles and realising October was a long and frustrating wait for a new Kydd to devour I purchased, The Silk Tree.
    A splendid piece of writing Bigjules, your research is immaculate and must have been great fun if not exhausting !
    So the obvious question…….when is book two due ?!

    Happy writing,

    John Plumer

  30. Hi, I read one or two books a year if I’m lucky…over the past year I “binged” on the entire Kidd series up to date….you’ve ‘fine-tuned’ you writing skills throughout the series making the last few exceptional page turners….you’re the man….keep ’em coming.

  31. I recently picked up “Invasion” in a charity shop in Cornwall for 50p. Could not put it down – really exciting read. Well done Julian. Regards Mel McCoull

  32. Sir: As much as I have enjoyed the Kydd series I cringe when I read about the “English” flag and ships etc. you use British on occasion then slip back to English; even the Highlanders seem to be in the English army I hope it is the American publishing company making this error, as I note you do use UK as your nationality.

    • The terms were interchangeable in Kydd’s day. The Union was only a few years old at the time of Trafalgar. As you’ll note Nelson famously used the phrase ‘England expects’… but ‘Britain’ was also commonly used. I use them interchangably, rather than one or the other, as much for variety as to reflect the times.

  33. Have you any Pasha signed books I have been collected the series for the several years and missed this one because I was working over seas.

  34. I have read the entire Kydd series on the Kindle. I can not, however find the latest book Pasha in that format. will it ever be coming out in that format??

    • Steve – apologies; there’s been a production glitch which delayed the release of the ebook in the States. Hopefully, it may be released today but if not it’s going to be very soon.

  35. The first line of the story I quote: “Sir! Mr Curzon’s compliments, an’ we’ve raised Barbados!”
    This is a junior officer addressing a senior officer. The line should read as follows: “Sir! Mr Curzon’s respects etc etc.”
    Junior officers pay their ‘respects’ to senior officers, and senior officers send their ‘compliments’ to junior officers.

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  37. The Kydd series has gotten better and better as the years have gone by…seems to evolved into real page-turners….the lingo alone is addicting…I use some of it when the occasions arise and I always get chuckles.

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  39. Being an ex Navy man, I love the stories of the tall ships era! I just completed my 9th Kydd book, ” Privateers Revenge” I love the series! The man is a genius! I can hardly wait to start the next! The sad part is I am rapidly catching up to his writing! Great job Sir! And thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!
    H. Todd

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  41. I popped into Waterstone’s yesterday to order my copy of PASHA after reading the first few paragraphs and the reviews — I CANNOT WAIT !!!
    Mike Z.

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  43. I have just started reading the Kydd books on my Kindle and would love to buy the series together rather than purchase each one individually. This is a very common thing to want to do but I can’t seem to find the books offered as a collection anywhere. Am I being stupid and not looking properly or is it simply not possible?

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  48. How can I get an accurate list of the Kydd novels in chronological order?

    (i’ve found some listings but they don’t agree with each so I’ve been reading them out of sequence, which is confusing as to the Kydd’s career and its development, and in the history against which it develops.

    Where is there an accurate chronological listing, please?

    • I agree with you. It is always best to read these type of books to get a complete picture of the participants. Having gone through various avenues to obtain a list, not pictures of books, I have had little success.

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