‘I discovered Kydd in Kazakhstan!’

It always gives me a thrill to hear of my Kydd tales being read in particularly exotic or unusual locales. They’ve been up the Amazon, carried to the frozen North and choppered in to a remote mining town in Western Australia – to name just a few. Now I can add Kazakhstan to the list! […]

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Great Granny Annie’s Recipe

I take great pains with the authenticity of the Kydd books, visiting the locations in the tales for extensive on-site research, poring over charts and maps, checking technical specifications regarding Age of Sail seamanship and consulting experts in all kinds of arcane fields. It’s a big investment in terms of time and money but a […]

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A Kydd Family Tradition

[To leave a comment or reply go to box at the end of the page] I’m always delighted to hear from readers. Over the years I’ve had emails and letters from male and female Kyddites ranging from children/teenagers to octogenarians! Some have special connections with the sea; others enjoy engaging with the colourful characters of […]

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