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The Kydd Series

One man’s journey from pressed man to Admiral in the Age of Fighting Sail. Twenty-five titles have been published to date.
Thunderer is the latest and is out now…

Title  Amazon
Yankee Mission  Buy Buy  Yankee Mission
Thunderer  Buy Buy  Thunderer
Balkan Glory  Buy Buy  Balkan Glory
To The Eastern Seas  Buy Buy  To The Eastern Seas
A Sea of Gold  Buy Buy  A Sea of Gold
The Iberian Flame  Buy Buy  The Iberian Flame
The Baltic Prize  Buy Buy  The Baltic Prize
Persephone  Buy Buy  Persephone
Inferno  Buy Buy  Inferno
Tyger  Buy Buy  Tyger
Pasha  Buy Buy  Pasha
Caribbee  Buy Buy  Caribbee
Betrayal  Buy Buy  Betrayal
Conquest  Buy Buy  Conquest
Victory  Buy Buy  Victory
Invasion  Buy Buy  Invasion
Treachery  Buy Buy  The Privateer’s Revenge
The Admiral’s Daughter  Buy Buy  The Admiral’s Daughter
Command  Buy Buy  Command
Tenacious  Buy Buy  Tenacious
Quarterdeck  Buy Buy Quarterdeck
Mutiny  Buy Buy  Mutiny
Seaflower  Buy Buy Seaflower
Artemis Buy Buy  Artemis
Kydd  Buy Buy  Kydd

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The Gamechangers Series

Title Amazon UK Amazon US
The Powder of Death Buy

The Silk Tree Buy Buy

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Stockwin’s Maritime Miscellany is also available as an e-book at the ITunes store

E-books, Kydd Series

E-books of the Kydd Series are available at:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
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Audiobooks, Kydd Series

Kydd Series Audiobooks of the Kydd Series (all narrated by Christian Rodska) are available as digital downloads at:
Audible UK
Audible US

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    • Hi, Bill – they’re listed in descending order, newest first. If you want to start with the first one, KYDD, work up from the bottom of the list. Some people prefer descending order, others ascending… Each book can be read as a stand-alone story.

      • Thanks Jules, Picked a couple (3) up in Wales and read those through in about a week, and was enthralled by the character. Will now order all in succession. Reminds me very much of the Bolitho series. Thanks for being one of the people who tell a good story.

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