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Just a few weeks to the official launch on October 6 of Inferno, my latest Kydd tale! For this book Kathy and I travelled to Denmark and Sweden on location research, braving the Baltic chill in winter. The book sees Captain Thomas Kydd involved in the Second Battle of Copenhagen in 1807.

This is what Quarterdeck magazine had to say of the book:

‘Julian Stockwin’s stock-in-trade throughout the Thomas Kydd naval adventures has been creating stirring original, authentic, history-based stories, which often cover completely new subject matter in the genre. Stockwin splices a mariner’s sense of the sea, with a historian’s keen eye, to craft matchless true-to-life historical naval adventures. Immersing himself in minutiae, he leaves no stone unturned in bringing a Kydd novel to life. Whether it’s describing sail handling, a famed naval action, or a slice of Georgian England, the passage is based on factual resources. Inferno, the seventeenth instalment in the Thomas Kydd canon, brings another compelling epic to the fore.

It’s 1807 and Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is ashore, while his frigate, Tyger, is under repair in dry-dock, after her gallant action against three enemy frigates in the Baltic. Hailed as a hero, Kydd craves “space to find himself again; to get away somewhere blessedly remote and peaceful . . .” This lands him in a small, remote village along Scotland’s rocky western coast, with Tyger seaman Toby Stirk, who is recovering from wounds suffered in the recent frigate battle. When a mysterious gold doubloon surfaces, the mates are drawn into a perilous undersea treasure hunt, thrusting Kydd into an ethical dilemma.

At the same time, Napoleon Bonaparte’s victories across Europe and his Continental System – a broad embargo against British trade – threatens England’s economy. But the Emperor’s plan has one critical weakness: Denmark and her navy control the straits through which Baltic trade flows. In an effort to thwart the French, Nicholas Renzi – Lord Farndon – is dispatched by the government on a diplomatic mission to Copenhagen to prevail upon the Danish government to turn its fleet over to the British. Faced with the French army on its border and the Royal Navy at sea, the Danes demur, and risk being caught between two warring forces.

Returning from Scotland, Captain Kydd resumes command of Tyger and sails with a grand fleet and a military force bound for the Baltic on a mission to sway Denmark’s Crown Prince to surrender the Danish fleet. Failing this, the Danish ships could be unleashed by the French against the British. This leads to the Second Battle of Copenhagen, with the British bombarding the city over four days. Meanwhile, Lord Farndon and his wife, Cecilia – Thomas Kydd’s sister – are caught in the blazing inferno.

Stockwin’s passion for the sea, naval service, and the time of Nelson oozes from the pages like fresh hot pitch between the seams of a man-of-war’s deck.’

The book will be available in hardback, ebook and audiobook formats
Read an excerpt

For UK Kydd fans I will be signing copies of Inferno at various venues:-

On Saturday October 8 I’ll be at Waterstones Drake Circus, Plymouth, 11am – 1:00

    1 Charles St
    PL1 1EA
    Tel: 01752 669 898

    On Saturday October 15 I’ll be at Torbay Bookshop, Paignton, at 11am
    The Torbay Bookshop
    7 Torquay Road
    TQ3 3DU
    Tel: 01803 522011

28 Comments on “INFERNO: Out next month!”

  1. Just received a call from Waterstones, my copy of Inferno is ready to collect tomorrow — I can’t wait!
    Mike Zanzinger

  2. Greetings from the Antipodes. Being one of your many fans in Australia, who has just finished re-reading the series to date, I look forward to the Inferno being released in Oz. I would also like to know whether the publisher has a retail agent in Australia where I can acquire Mr Stockwin’s other works.



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  4. Greatly enjoyed The Powder of Death and learned so much! Can’t wait for my copy of Inferno to arrive.

    Wish I could join you in Devon for one of the launch parties.

    Do you ever sign books by post if we send paid for return packages?

    Best wishes


    • Regret due to work pressure I cannot undertake any signings by post. Delighted you enjoyed THE POWDER OF DEATH and hope you find INFERNO a good read, too.

    • Actually McBooks Press have released INFERNO already, a little ahead of official publication. THE POWDER OF DEATH is also available at some outlets in the US including Barnes and Noble, and on Amazon shortly.

  5. Good day Julian,

    What a fantastic review, looking forward to receiving my copy. It will dovetail beautifully in with my completion of reading The Powder of Death, another fantastic Stockwin read.

    Your inspiration in writing leaves me in awe and dumbfounded as to how you are able to produce what I can only say are the best reads I have come across since originally finding Patrick O’Brian’s many books years ago, you have filled that void since his demise for me with your Kydd books and others such as The Powder of Death, my sincere thanks, please, please keep them coming.

    Kindest regards,

    Yours aye,

    Alan Rootes

    Sent from my iPad


  6. So looking forward to it have just reread the last book in preparation
    Have followed Kydd from the start and read them a number of times they allways read so well historically correct, many thanks for giving so much enjoyment.

  7. I am an avid Kydd collector and have all of the Novel’s. Only the first few are paperback because as soon as signed first editions became available I opted for them.
    So Julian, please ask your publishers to consider a re run of those early versions in signed Hard covers so that our collections look better!

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