So where am I now…?

Being an author with quite a few published books under my belt can sometimes be a bit of a strain on the old grey matter when a reader corners me at a book signing or talk and asks about a specific incident in a book I wrote five or ten years ago. They may have just read that particular book and vividly recall it while it might take me a few moments to bring it to mind!

Out and about with Pasha signings

Out and about with Pasha signings

This taxing of the little grey cells is further compounded by the fact that this year not only do I have a backlist of 15 titles in print but I have two new books out – Pasha and The Silk Tree.

When I’m writing I find I have to totally immerse myself in the work, taking myself back in time to whatever year and location the book is set in. Fortunately I have Kathy as my ‘reality manager’ when this intense writing is going on and she deals with the demands of modern life while I am away in the eighteenth century or wherever…

2014 has been a busy year but I’m certainly not complaining. Location research for Pasha and The Silk Tree took me to the fascinating city of Istanbul and other parts of Turkey, a country so rich in history and culture. I’ve been fortunate indeed to have seen so much of the world now in the course of my literary career.

Toasting the upcoming launch of The Silk Tree with Susie Dunlop, Publishing Director, Allison & Busby

Toasting the upcoming launch of The Silk Tree with Susie Dunlop, Publishing Director, Allison & Busby

At the moment, as well as preparing for various promotional events I’ve been hard at work on the new Kydd title to be published in 2015. I’m not allowed to divulge anything about this one just yet, though. The first draft is nearly finished and then it’s a very thorough edit and cross-checking etc. to meet the January 1 deadline for delivery of the manuscript to my publisher.

So, where am I now?

    1. Pasha is just out, bringing the number of Kydd titles in print to 15.
    2. The Silk Tree is officially published on November 6 and there’s a special launch party in London at Goldsboro Books on October 30 at 6:30 where you can buy an early copy which I’d be delighted to sign on the night.
    Goldsboro Books is one of my favourite London bookshops. Set in the heart of the West End in the picturesque Cecil Court, it’s just a short walk from Leicester Square.
    Do get in touch with me on email if you’d like an invitation – I have an allocation for fans!
    3. Stockwin’s Maritime Miscellany, my little non-fiction tome is now out in paperback and available as well as an ebook.

Future writing?

It’s full steam ahead for more Kydd titles, one a year foreseeably. And following on from The Silk Tree I’ll be writing more standalone historical novels that are thematically linked – each focusing on an important pivotal point in history.

So for 2015 it’s going to be haul taut and stand on for me and my doughty crew…

2 Comments on “So where am I now…?”

  1. A world traveler, no doubt…….but you absolutely must see San Diego, California, America’s finest city; and, when you come, be sure to visit our Maritime Museum including HMS Surprise (formerly Rose), Star of India (perhaps our proudest showpiece), The original Berkeley Ferry, a Russian submarine, and the Californian, a rakish little cutter. Work is almost complete on the San Salvador, a replica of Joao Rodrigues’ Cabrilho’s ship which carried him to discover California. Do come!


    Quentin T. Decker

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