“Stockwin’s writing is enriched by his own experiences in the Royal Navy, which gives scenes of fighting and tempest an authenticity to delight anyone who shares his passion for the sea” – Daily Telegraph

Thomas Kydd is in Halifax, enjoying the recognition and favour of his fellow officers when Tenacious is summoned to join Horatio Nelson’s taskforce on an urgent reconnaissance mission. Intelligence suggests the French Revolution is about the set the Mediterranean ablaze, but Bonaparte’s fleet is nowhere to be found. Nelson and his “Band of Brothers” begin a desperate search for him.

Kydd’s newfound ambition fuels his desire to be at the forefront of the hunt. But with power comes responsibility, with responsibility, accountability. Kydd will face his greatest challenge ever amidst bloodstained seas. And defeat will mean humiliation – or death.


11 Comments on “TENACIOUS”

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  3. the one thing i really admire about you, julian, is your ability to capture the moment. to extend the feelings of the situation in such a way that the reader is caught up in what it must have felt ike to be there. ive read all the famous novelists of sea fairing from forester to obrian to pope, to , well a whole bunch of them and i just am capitvated by your capturing of the times. i cant believe that it took me this long to find you. thanks again…
    fred from nashville

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  6. I only picked up the book because the title is the same as the name of the Sailing ship SS Tenacious that I had been on during my sabbatical. I enjoyed the history, the sense of place, and also as a Vicar the sensitive portrayal of the the Chaplain. I think I am going to seek the rest of the series now.

    • I have a great admiration for the work of the Jubilee Sailing Trust and have actually been aboard SS Tenacious.

      Thank you for your kind comments about my book.

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