“Stockwin’s imaginative storyline conveys much of the emergent America’s pioneering spirit – but he’s even better at recreating life aboard one of His Majesty’s ship” – Yorkshire Post

COVER Quarterdeck_small

UK Editiion

Quarterdeck McBooks_small

US Edition

Thomas Kydd was promoted to acting lieutenant at the Battle of Camperdown. Now, he has to sit an examination to confirm his rank – or face an inglorious return before the mast. But this is only the first of many obstacles. Kydd is from humble origins and he must become a gentleman – or spend the rest of his career as a tarpaulin officer.

Kydd and his enigmatic friend Renzi set sail in Tenacious for the North American station. The young United States is in dispute with revolutionary France, the Quasi War, and Kydd finds himself in the USS Constellation at the birth of the American Navy.


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