“The appeal of the story is in the telling, which is atmospheric, authentic and disclosed from the unusual perspective of the ordinary sailor working his way up the ranks. .. The author had a long career in the Royal Navy, which adds to his prose that extra dash of salty realism” – Publishing News

MUTINY opens in 1797 as Kydd, now master’s mate, sails to the fabled Rock of Gibraltar – the uttermost end of Europe, the finality of a continent. There, in an attempt to win the heart of a lady, he volunteers to join a dangerous mission to Venice to rescue a diplomat fleeing over the Alps in the wake of Buonaparte’s victories.

Back in Gibraltar, Kydd sets sail for England, longed-for after many years’ absence, and becomes centrally involved in one of the most extraordinary events in English history – the Mutiny at the Nore. Ten thousand men, one thousand guns and scores of ships hold the country to ransom, the government is near collapse, the economy on the brink of ruin.


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