A decade ago, Thomas Kydd and Nicholas Renzi were in the Caribbean (SEAFLOWER) as sailors before the mast in the old Trajan. Now Kydd, a storied hero of Trafalgar, holds the glory of being post-captain of the 32-gun frigate, L’Aurore. His almost unbelievable feat of self-advancement is the toast of his own crew… but the envy of others less blessed than he.

After unremitting war a Caribbean posting seems a welcome respite. But, in addition to the balmy warmth and turquoise waters, Kydd and Renzi find themselves facing a familiar threat as the French imperil Britain’s vital sugar trade.

When more and more merchantmen begin vanishing from the sea, fear spreads. Before long, the sugar ships refuse to set sail at all. Now Kydd and Renzi must embark on a dangerous game of espionage, seamanship and breath-taking action in order to destroy this new and terrible danger to the Empire.


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  3. When will Caribbee be available on audio in the United States? I listen to the books on Audible. The most recent book, Pasha, is now available but the previous book Caribbee is still not available. Caribbee has been bypassed for release in the United States? Why? Will Caribbee ever become available on audio in the United States?

    • @Roger Klemp – I and several others in the US have asked the same question many times as you can see from the comments – some over a year old. Mr. Stockwin has always been gracious with replies, but whatever is stopping sales in the US of Caribbee in audiobook format must be insurmountable. I have moved on now to Dewey Lamdin’s “Alan Lewrie” series. It is frustrating to enjoy & become invested in a series like Kydd only to be stopped by some kind of sales administration. Seems to me like everyone would win if we were allowed to purchase Caribbee and Pasha from Audible. Go figure.

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  8. Hi BigJules! My wife and I are big fans of your Kydd series – so much so that we purchased them twice – she likes reading whilst I very much enjoy the sublime narration of Chistian Rodska … very entertaining to be sure!

    I purchase audiobooks on Audible and I just finished Betrayal, but could not find Caribbee… will Mr. Rodska be performing Caribbee (and hopefully Pasha)? If so, any word on when Caribbee will be available?

    Thank you for such a thoroughly entertaining series – it has been nothing short of a delightful adventure thus far!

    David Hite
    Greensboro, NC, USA

      • Hi BigJules – It has been four months since I inquired about the availability of the audiobook in the US – any update? I note that it is still unavailable on Audible; seems like there would be interest in releasing it in the US sooner than later.

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  13. Couldn’t wait for the audiobook in the end, read on Kindle. Great job sir! thanks again. Next book ??

      • hi big jules iv just discoverd the kydd books and love em but im totaly confused. could you please send me the CORRECT Order as im a bit lost. thanks dave.

        • Dave – great to hear you’re loving my Kydd tales. The order is – KYDD, ARTEMIS, SEAFLOWER, MUTINY, QUARTERDECK, TENACIOUS, COMMAND, THE ADMIRAL’S DAUGHTER, TREACHERY (published in the US as THE PRIVATEER’S REVENGE, INVASION, VICTORY, CONQUEST, BETRAYAL, CARIBBEE. It is not necessary to read them in order, each is a stand-alone book, but they are chronological if you wish to start at the beginning. The next book out is PASHA, in October. By the way there is a one-page downloadable Kydd series summary on the home page of the website.

  14. Oh no, Julian! Delay in the audio book will drive me nuts! They are my commute read and therefore my only link with sanity on the M3! The silence will be deafening. Seriously great stories. Any idea who will narrate when it does happen? It’s always strange when you get used to a reader’s voice characterizations and then someone new comes in.

    Anyway, all the best, my friend. Keep up the.first great work.

  15. I am a great fan and have all of your books on Audible. But I see where Caribbee is not on Audible yet. Are there plans to publish in audiobook? Hope so and thanks for all the enjoyable reading (or listening!).

    • Hi, Keith – due to the unfortunate situation of the company that recorded all the previous titles recently going into administration there will be a delay in availability of CARIBBEE as an audiobook. However as soon as it is available I will announce it on the website etc. Apologies for the wait!

  16. Love your books, I listen to your books on audible. Just started Betrayal, hope you will be writing more soon?

    • Delighted to hear you’re enjoying my Kydd tales, Chris. Don’t yet have a publishing date for CARIBBEE audiobook but will publicize it when to hand

  17. Caribee is a great read, as usual. I always pre-order hard copies. Thanks for the maps and the chronological sequence at the back, which is helpful to avid readers and not usually included by other authors. I look forward to #15 in this great series.

  18. Got Caribbe 28 Sep 2013 0900hrs in the Mail from Amazon- was done reading this great adventure by 2000hrs same day. I will donate this book to my local librbry as I have done with all the rest of my Kydd books. I am already waiting for the next.
    Washington state USA

  19. I trust you are having a fair run down to the publishing date, as I eagerly look forward to shipping this aboard!

    I began reading the Kydd series a few weeks back, and was totally enthralled from the start. Having just closed out Betrayal, I now find myself in the unusual and challenging position of having to wait for the next installment!

    I am hoping the Caribbee audio version will follow without undue delay, as I have been “reading” the whole series under the masterful narration of Christian Rodska. He is absolutely brilliant, and perfectly cast for the subject matter. He brings the books to such life on a whole other level that I find myself pitying those who “only” read the books in print;-)

    btw, the end-notes in Betrayal were great. One aspect of the series that I have really enjoyed is the diversity of historical situations and characters making their appearance. I find myself frequently googling away on subjects quite new to me, or where my existing knowledge was hazy at best (such as the Spithead and Nore mutinies, Fulton’s submarines and torpedos, and the brief British adventure up the Río de la Plata). It has been fascinating, and by far the most enjoyable way to fill in the holes of my historical ignorance. Write on!

    • Paul, delighted to hear you’ve enjoyed the series! Don’t have a pub. date yet for the audiobook of CARIBBEE but I will be sure to announce this when it’s to hand.

      • @BigJules thank you for the response. It’s an amazing thing that authors who care about their readers are able to interact with the readers who care about their books!

        I am happy to wait as long as it takes to get great books recorded by great narrators. I am waiting for Renzi to finally get published, but privately I hope that you get there first!

      • Hi Julian. Do you have an update yet on when the audio book for Caribbee will be published? I’ve listened to Christian Rodska’s excellent reading of your other books probably 2 or 3 times through and it would be great to be able to look forward to listening to the new book over the Christmas period. Thanks. Paul.

        • Not as yet, Paul. The company that had produced all the previous titles sadly has gone into administration. I am very hopeful, however, that an audiobook of CARIBBEE will be available at some point, via another audiobook publisher.

    • CARIBBEE will definitely be available for iPhone and iPad users! The Kydd series is also available as ebooks in ePub format or Kindle format in the UK.

      In the States, my books are also available in electronic formats – Mobipocket, ePub and PDF.

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