Stockwin Titles: What’s Out When

2017 is shaping up to be a busy publishing year for me. As well as two new Kydd titles, Persephone and The Baltic Prize in hardback, there are three paperbacks of previous titles coming out. As usual, all the books will be available in ebook and audiobook. So here are the publications dates for this year
April 20 The Powder of Death paperback is published in the UK
May 18 Persephone hardback, ebook and audio download plus Inferno paperback out in the UK
May 18 Persephone ebook and audio download available in the US
July 3 The Powder of death paperback available in the US
July 18 Inferno paperback released in Canada
August 1 Inferno released as an unabridged audiobook cd set in the UK
October 3 Persephone hardback out in the US and trade paperback in Canada
October 1 Inferno paperback published in US
October 19 Persephone paperback released in the UK
November 2 The Baltic Prize out in hardback, audiobook and ebook in the UK
November 2 The Baltic Prize released in ebook in the US
[January 2, 2018] The Baltic Prize hardback out in the US and Canada
There are still just a few Collectors Sets available for Persephone and The Baltic Prize but these are strictly limited to 500 Sets so don’t delay to avoid disappointment.

And from time to time I have a very small number of Signed First Editions available to purchase

And last but not least, do check out Book Depository for discounts and free shipping worldwide of all my books

3 Comments on “Stockwin Titles: What’s Out When”

  1. Dear ‘Big Jules’, How do I go about ordering a signed copy of  ‘Persephone ‘? On a similar vein, I ordered and purchased ‘Inferno ‘, but decided to re-read my entire ‘Kydd’, before I do so. All 17 volumes in 1 extreme ‘hit’! Utterly brilliant!  From ‘perruquier’, through Nore mutiny, battle of the Nile, Acre, past Trafalgar, South Africa, & the brilliant Popham, the elevation to junior post captain, just before Trafalgar, at the request of ‘Our Nel’. Then taking a broken ship in mutiny, and finding value, worth, pride in said ship, and the remaining crew finding the same in themselves . . .  Utterly brilliant!  Each book that I read, I found myself enveloped, and surrounded by the truly unique adventures of Kydd & Renzi.  Breathtaking! 

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    • Hi, Chris – delighted to hear you’re so enjoying my Kydd tales – and thank you for your very kind comments. I assume you mean the Collectors Edition of PERSEPHONE – this is strictly limited to 500 copies but I do have just a few unreserved at the moment. If you’re interested here is the payment link but don’t delay… You might also like to know there will be a second Kydd title out in November – THE BALTIC PRIZE

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