Kydd Series Collectors Set

THUNDERER Collectors Set

Thunderer is the next book in the Kydd Series and will be published in October. There will be a Collectors Set comprising a signed, numbered and embossed UK First Edition and a signed cover postcard. We are accepting pre-payment now. This offer is in very limited numbers, just 500, so don’t delay — first come, first served.

1812. Arriving back in England after his successes in the Adriatic, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd is bestowed with honours. In London he’s greeted by the Prince Regent who, despite Kydd’s protestations that he’s happy with his present command, insists he be given a bigger ship – HMS Thunderer, a 74-gun ship of the line. But she’s old, and being part of a standing fleet Kydd’s chances of further fame and distinction are slim indeed.

Winning over his new command is fraught with challenges. A hostile crew, abysmal levels of gunnery and sail-handling capabilities are intolerable to a fighting captain like Kydd. With the ship short of men and no incentives to attract more, can he ever bring Thunderer to a proper state of fighting preparedness?

Kydd is sent to reinforce the Baltic squadron as Bonaparte’s vast army invades Russia. News reaches him of French victory at the Battle of Borodino. The road to Moscow is now open. With his new command Kydd is thrown into a last desperate bid to prevent Bonaparte establishing a bridgehead from which to finally encircle and crush Britain’s stricken ally.

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THUNDERER Collectors Set
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THUNDERER Collectors Set
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Standing Orders

A number of readers have asked whether they could have a Standing Order for all future Collectors Sets. Just email with your postal details and ‘Sign Me Up for All Future Collectors Sets’ in the subject line.

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