Collectors Sets 2017

There will be a Collectors Set Offer for Persephone the next title in the Kydd Series (out May 2017). As usual, the Collectors Sets comprise a signed, embossed and numbered UK First Edition of the book plus a signed cover postcard. The Sets are strictly limited to 500 in number. First come, first served!

Persephone Collectors Set


We are accepting pre-payment now and every paid order received before December 31 this year will go into a draw for a full refund of the price of the Collectors Set!

(Note: it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use these links. You can pay with your credit card using the ‘Pay Without a Paypal Account’ button in your Shopping Cart. We cannot accept credit card details for processing this end.)

Reservations without payment may be made to this address. Please include your full postal address and write ‘Persephone Collectors Set’ in the subject line. We will contact you about payment at a later date.

Standing Orders

A number of readers have asked whether they could have a Standing Order for all future Collectors Sets. Just email with your postal details and ‘Sign Me Up for All Future Collectors Sets’ in the subject line.
(Note: There will be two Collectors Sets in 2017 and thereafter!)

8 Comments on “Collectors Sets 2017”

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  2. Hi Julian

    You put my name on the list a few weeks ago. How would you like me to pay?

    Kind regards

    Simon Jones

    (sorry for any typos, I’m sending this from my phone)

  3. Address

    226 Seabridge Lane Newcastle under Lyme ST5 3LS

    I would be most interested in receiving all of your collectors sets.

    Do you also want me to purchase Persephone separately or will it be covered by the standing order?



  4. Hi Julian,

    Persephone collectors set paid for by PayPal, look forward to the next installment of the Kydd series, just reading Inferno for the second time, as I know I read the first time too fast, so when I read it for the second time, I do the voices as they speak, it slows down my reading no end and if I say so myself, it makes it more enjoyable.

    Carry on with the good work.



  5. Julian, Pls ask Con for Nos4 of limited edition.Also pls can u confirm I still have funds there due to a second sending of monies.Also is there a shortfall to pay to cover Persphone edition.

    Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2

    • Paul – you paid twice in 2015 so one of these payments was carried forward to INFERNO – so you will have to pay for PERSEPHONE. No. 4 noted.

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