You and Your Kydd!

Over the years readers have sent me some great pix of themselves taken with one or more of the Kydd books – like this photo from Canadian Rod Redden with Tyger, which he posted a few days ago. I’m compiling an online album of these and if you’d like to be included email me a .jpg – or reply to this blog with your photo! There’ll be special prizes for six of the photographs featured, the winners drawn at random.


6 Comments on “You and Your Kydd!”

  1. Julian, All good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. In this series of stories we are very lucky because the end Is not in sight. Just a quick word about me and you will realize why my choice is your first book, KYDD. I was born in a shipyard as was all of my family. My father was a shipwright, adze and all. I am a former Royal Marine including 2 years on a West Indies Frigate between Commando Units. I am a Bosun’s Mate on the tallships Lord Nelson and Tenacious and crewed The Nellie on the Trafalgar 200 year anniversary voyage to Cadiz. This makes me a Topman, just like Kydd, after Renzi took him under his wing and got him up the mast. When I read of gales and being on the Royal yard I can literally feel the wind and spray on my face. The stories are evocative and real as they should be. From the first Kydd book I was hooked. I love reading about the era of my true self and Kydd allows me to do that. I am the Standard Bearer for the British Legion and this photo was taken after the armistice day parade in Kendal. The tallship in the background is the Lord Nelson on the Clyde. I am studying my diary at the moment looking for a 2 day window to read Inferno. Some of the pleasure is in the waiting! Ken Thwaites.

  2. Hello Julian It is with great pleasure that  I am sending you a photo of myself and my  Kydd book collection. Many a year I have been a fan and I have been a member of your club since 2012, No 162 . I can remember to this day how I became an avid fan, I was going on holiday and I wanted a good book to take with me so off I went to Waterstones and this was my introduction to the adventures of Kydd. They had Seaflower and Mutiny in stock in paperback and I can recall spending half an hour reading Seaflower in the actual shop I didn’t want to put it down, naturally I bought them both; the trouble was I read them both before the actual holiday. The rest is history. I now buy the collectors sets  from you and I have managed to get hold of other first edition hardbacks. You may have noticed I am missing one ( The Admiral’s Daughter) I accidentally left it on a train  and my good lady Julia is scouring the book shops trying to locate a first edition. Well Julian, thank you for the adventures you are taking myself and the rest of the world on – looking forward to the next installment. All the best Steve Wilson

  3. [image1.JPG]

    Hi Julian here is my photo with all my Kydd Books. I am looking forward to the next instalment.

    Keep up the good work.

    Yours Aye

    Chris Case. Sent from my iPhone

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