Stockwin Ebook Bargains to Go!

For a limited time my UK publishers are offering all my fiction ebooks at bargain prices. Why not load up your E-readers with some or all of the books, ready for the summer holidays – and the convenience of having them altogether in one compact, portable format? By the way, it’s not essential to read the Kydd Series in order; there’s enough back story in each title to fill you in on what has gone before. Those Across the Pond are not forgotten with a free ebook of Quarterdeck from my US publisher. Happy Summer reading !
COVER_Kydd_hb_uk_small TREE paperback Quarterdeck McBooks_small

From Hodder & Stoughton :

Kydd 99p Artemis £1.99 Seaflower £1.99 Mutiny £1.99
Tenacious £2.99 Command £2.99 The Admiral’s Daughter £3.99 Treachery £3.99
Invasion £3.99 Victory £4.99 Conquest £4.99 Betrayal £4.99
Caribbee £5.99 Pasha £5.99 Tyger £5.99

From McBooks Press :

Quarterdeck free download: Barnes & Noble,, Kobo, iTunes and other US internet ebook retailers.

From Allison & Busby :

The Silk Tree 99p

7 Comments on “Stockwin Ebook Bargains to Go!”

  1. I guess, because I live in New Zealand, I am not a big enough audience to garner this bargain. Hodder & Stoughton goes straight to Amazon & it is very clear, it’s only for American citizens. Rats, I say, rats! I’ll keep waiting,. I’m the sure the bargains will spread. But I do hope that doesn’t impact your royalties.

    • Sorry you can’t take advantage of this offer, Lorna, but hopefully as you say these bargains will spread in the future. Best wishes, J

  2. Nice discount but unfortunately only for US and UK residents. We in Europe are quoted 14,82 UK pounds for the Kindle edition of the Silk Tree.

  3. Julian As I am on Kindle can I get ALL the KYDD books onto My Kindle. If so how at the generous prices you have quoted. Ken. Bosun’s Mate JST and still a pirate!

    • Yes, no problem getting all the Kydd titles on your Kindle at the discount prices. Just do them one by one. Best wishes, Julian

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