Stockwin Ebook Bargains to Go!

For a limited time my UK publishers are offering all my fiction ebooks at bargain prices. Why not load up your E-readers with some or all of the books, ready for the summer holidays – and the convenience of having them altogether in one compact, portable format? By the way, it’s not essential to read the Kydd Series in order; there’s enough back story in each title to fill you in on what has gone before. Those Across the Pond are not forgotten with a free ebook of Quarterdeck from my US publisher. Happy Summer reading !
COVER_Kydd_hb_uk_small TREE paperback Quarterdeck McBooks_small

From Hodder & Stoughton :

Kydd 99p Artemis £1.99 Seaflower £1.99 Mutiny £1.99
Tenacious £2.99 Command £2.99 The Admiral’s Daughter £3.99 Treachery £3.99
Invasion £3.99 Victory £4.99 Conquest £4.99 Betrayal £4.99
Caribbee £5.99 Pasha £5.99 Tyger £5.99

From McBooks Press :

Quarterdeck free download: Barnes & Noble,, Kobo, iTunes and other US internet ebook retailers.

From Allison & Busby :

The Silk Tree 99p

7 Comments on “Stockwin Ebook Bargains to Go!

  1. I guess, because I live in New Zealand, I am not a big enough audience to garner this bargain. Hodder & Stoughton goes straight to Amazon & it is very clear, it’s only for American citizens. Rats, I say, rats! I’ll keep waiting,. I’m the sure the bargains will spread. But I do hope that doesn’t impact your royalties.

  2. Nice discount but unfortunately only for US and UK residents. We in Europe are quoted 14,82 UK pounds for the Kindle edition of the Silk Tree.

  3. Julian As I am on Kindle can I get ALL the KYDD books onto My Kindle. If so how at the generous prices you have quoted. Ken. Bosun’s Mate JST and still a pirate!

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