KyddFest-9:- The Admiral’s Daughter

Over the coming months I’ll be celebrating the earlier titles in the Kydd Series, it’s The Admiral’s Daughter for this blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book, either as a first-time reader or if you’re a re-reader and have read it more than once! It’s very gratifying for an author to be told that his work has inspired people to go back an read it again. And some of you have told me you have done this more than twice! Either reply to this blog or email me. Every respondent goes into the hat for a chance to win an unabridged audiobook set of The Admiral’s Daughter.


The Admiral’s Daughter at the main-mast bitts of HMS Victory

    ‘It is 1803, and Commander Thomas Kydd’s mission is to patrol home waters in order to suppress the smuggling trade. His friend Renzi joins him as captain’s clerk, also guiding Kydd’s steps in social situations when ashore. His coaching works well enough that Kydd attracts the interest of an admiral’s daughter, Persephone. The relationship develops to the degree that society assumes they will shortly become engaged. Then Kydd’s ship Teazer is damaged, and the ship must remain in an isolated Cornish cove for repairs. Kydd and Renzi lodge with the local squire, who unfortunately has a lovely, shy daughter, Rosalynd, and Kydd is again smitten. Word of his unfaithfulness reaches the admiral, who vows to bring about social and professional ruin for the man who has tarnished his family’s honor.

    Fans of fast-paced adventure will get their fill with this book: there are at least four major plot threads. I enjoyed learning about naval lore, some of which this landlubber didn’t “get” when reading sea stories by other authors. There is a nice scene in which a sailor from the Teazer, working undercover to catch the smugglers, learns how difficult a fisherman’s life can be. One example of Stockwin’s humor is particularly appealing: “Commander Kydd, lord of sixteen guns and suzerain of near a hundred men, agreed meekly and followed his sister.”’ – Historic Novel Society

Listen to the book!

I’m very honoured and delighted to have the wonderful Christian Rodska narrating the audiobooks of the Kydd Series. These are available as audio downloads worldwide and also physical CDs (UK and Europe).

daughter3 Frontage of Fowey, above Whitehouse slip

Fowey from seaward

    ‘Fowey? Then I believe we’ll pay a visit, Mr Dowse.’ Fowey – Dowse had pronounced it ‘Foy’ – was one of the customs ports and well situated at the halfway point between Plymouth and the ocean‑facing port of Falmouth. They would no doubt welcome a call from the Navy and it was his [Kydd’s] duty to make himself known and check for orders.’ – The Admiral’s Daughter, chapter four

Fowey is a small town dating from medieval times at the mouth of the River Fowey in south Cornwall, England.

Its natural harbour allowed trade to develop with Europe and local ship owners often hired their vessels to the king to support various wars, although the town also developed a reputation for piracy, as did many in Kydd’s day.

If you’re visiting there’s a grand overview of the town and the magnificent harbour to be had with a stroll out along the Esplanade passing the grand parade of historic houses to the medieval St Catherine’s Castle which looks out over the harbour entrance and Readymoney Cove.

Kon Ni Chi Wa, Kydd!

Yoko Ohmori, Japanese translator of the book

One of the delights of being published around the world is seeing the various foreign language editions of my books. The Japanese edition is a delightful pocket-sized tome, read from the back to the front, of course! I was very happy to meet my Japanese translator Yoko Ohmori when she came to England a few years back. We retraced many of Kydd’s steps, visiting Plymouth, Polperro and other locations in the books. Yoko is a very experienced translator and extraordinarily, has sailed in tall ships herself across the Pacific.

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  1. dear Julian,Could you please tell me when TYGER is due out in paperback form.Kind regards Mick Walker

  2. I have only recently discovered in the last few months, the Kydd series of books (recommended to me by the Book Depository). Purchased ‘Kydd’ to see if it was my kind of reading – it was! I thoroughly enjoyed the book, ordered two more and have just finished ‘Seaflower’. I am totally hooked! Awaiting with great anticipation the next three to arrive from Book Depository UK. So – I’m not up to ‘The Admirals Daughter’ yet. Something to look forward to. Love your books Mr Stockwin. Can’t put them down – neglecting my chores! Chuckle. Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination.

  3. Julian: I had the pleasure of meeting you briefly back in about 2004 at one of your readings/signing onboard CUTTY SARK. Thought you might enjoy the attached taken aboard the 1877 barque ELISSA under sail today in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Regards, Todd Grove ELISSA Crew

    (\_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~via mobile


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