Juggling all the balls…

At my desk

At my desk

More and more these days an author must be involved in promotion and marketing of his or her books. As well as participating in the social media scene maintaining an up-to-date website is essential. This year has been a busy year for me in terms of reviews, interviews and guest blogs. I always enjoy meeting readers and chatting about my books but it’s often a bit of a balancing act between promotional activities and research/writing. Fortunately, I have a literary partner, Kathy, who keeps an eagle eye on my work in progress and the daily word count…

Here’s three recent online pieces you may have missed:

The Buchanan Interview
Guest blog for Writing Historical Novels
The Story Behind the Kydd Series

As well, I’ve been the subject of a number of features in the online magazine Quarterdeck. Check out back issues here

You can keep up to date with all the latest reviews and interviews via the News page of my website.

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5 Comments on “Juggling all the balls…”

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  2. It is not really a comment but a question. I have always read seafaring stories and have always tried to envision the sailing ships such as a frigate, a ship-of-the-line,etc. What modern navy ship does a frigate correspond to? A cruiser? A battleship or a destroyer? I had always assumed it was equivalent to a destroyer.

    • Really no real equivalent these days because they were multi-roled; modern ships tend to specialise. A destroyer is about as close as you can get, or a World War II cruiser, which was named after one of the functions of a frigate – cruising independently

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