TYGER Collector’s Sets

I’ll be offering a Special Collector’s Set of my next book, Tyger. This will comprise a signed, numbered and embossed UK First Edition and a signed cover postcard. The Set is strictly limited to 500. To add your name to the list email admin@julianstockwin.com with your full details, including postal address. The Set, inclusive of p&p, costs £26.99 for delivery to addresses within the UK and Europe; £34.99 for delivery to addresses in the rest of the world.

If you pre-pay, you’ll go into the hat for a full refund of your purchase price! This offer is valid until the end of April. The book is published on October 8 and we’ll get the Collectors Sets out shortly before that date.

To whet your appetite…TYGER packshot

The greatest naval trial in the Georgian period is underway at Portsmouth with the court martial of Sir Home Popham, Captain Sir Thomas Kydd’s commanding officer in the doomed occupation of Buenos Aires. Kydd has some sympathy for Popham’s unauthorised action but his support for his former commander leaves him athwart some very influential people in the Admiralty.

With his frigate L’Aurore unfit for sea, Kydd is given a commission that some hope will destroy his career. Tyger has recently mutinied but instead of having her company dispersed around the fleet as is customary, the ship is pressed into immediate service in the North Sea. Kydd faces a crew still under some malign influence.

Enemies aboard and on the high seas are just the start of the problem. Soon he will have to take his untested and untrustworthy crew into the Baltic and there they will get entangled with Napoleon’s invasion of Prussia. The stakes are desperate, the task seemingly impossible and the French implacable. But the only way for Kydd to avoid disgrace is to gamble his reputation and crew on a crazy mission to snatch a Prussian division out of the jaws of Napoleon’s advancing army. Will he return home once more a hero, or himself face a court martial?

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10 Comments on “TYGER Collector’s Sets”

  1. Hi Julian, can you put me down for this collector set please. Let me know how and when to pay, cheers, Mike

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  3. Good day Julian, think I might already be signed up for this edition, if not – YES PLEASE,

    Yours aye,

    Alan Rootes

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