“Period dialect and seagoing argot aplenty add credibility to the adventure, and the unworldly Kydd is an apt lens for the reader’s journey” – Publisher’s Weekly

Life in the crack frigate HMS Artemis is fast and exciting. It is also a world away from the harsh experiences of a man pressed aboard the old ship-o’-the-line Duke William that was Thomas Kydd’s introduction to the sea. Now a true Jack Tar, Kydd sails into Portsmouth Harbour and a hero’s welcome after a ferocious battle against the French.

However his jubilation is cut short and he must return to Guildford, but the sea beckons irresistibly and Kydd manages to ship out again in his beloved Artemis. Finally homeward bound, he faces death itself in the cruel waters of the Great Southern Ocean.


11 Comments on “ARTEMIS”

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  4. This book for me is one of the very best in the series. Thanks to the first in the series KYDD, I have been an avid reader ever since. I have a copy of every book in the series including all of the special collectors editions that have been available in more recent times. I urge Julian and his publishers to re-issue the earlier previously paperback versions in the Hardback format.

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