Plaudits for Persephone

Since the publication of Persephone in the UK on May 18 I’ve been giving talks and doing signings at various locales. It’s always a special pleasure to meet readers, old and new. And who could have predicted that on one book signing I’d meet a delightful young lady called Persephone! I’ve been chuffed with the response to this book.

Here’s what Booksville had to say:

I’ll be darned if Julian Stockwin hasn’t done it again – bested persephone-coverhimself with his latest release in the Kydd Series, Persephone. There’s a little something for every reader in this volume: sea chase, age-of-sail battle, Napoleonic intrigue, imperial palace pomp, and romance. All nicely packaged in well-written historical fiction in around 400 pages.

Persephone is the name of Captain Sir Thomas Kydd’s once spurned love interest of the past, and Kydd encounters her again while on station in Portugal trying to rescue the British from Lisbon and escort Portuguese royalty from the clutches of Napoleon and his Spanish allies. A spark of interest re-ignites between them, but they are forced apart by circumstances, only to be reintroduced once again on British soil.

Kydd, the toast of England for his heroics in battle, has plenty of time to pursue her, but she appears to be out of reach. Meanwhile Kydd, inconsolable at his loss, returning to the sea and service of king and country, is sent to the site of his most recent conquest, Copenhagen, and then to follow a strange group of merchant ships protected by French sloops and a frigate, perhaps destined to invade the shores of Scotland or Ireland. They face uncertainty, and dangers abound in pursuit, only to be surprised time and again – including the final, biggest surprise of his life.

persephone with persephone

Persephone with PERSEPHONE

There is the romance of the sea and the romance between a couple, and Stockwin blends both seamlessly in this great tale of adventure. He deftly describes the relationship between Kydd and Persephone, their still stirring love interest yet the still unresolved conflicts from the past, setting up a hunt and seek chase that lasts through the book, almost as in a thriller. Packed in and around this theme flows the adventures of a naval hero doing his duty at sea and doing his duty on land, being paraded before the people as the hero of the hour and yet feeling the tug of life on board one his majesty’s finest fighting frigates. There are battles aplenty, both at sea and on land, both military and political. And keep in mind, while many characters are fictional, others are based in history.

Stockwin’s prose flows easily on the page, fluid with the magic of truth. You are transformed to the settings, knowing he has been there and seen that or gleaned parts from historical records. Dialogue is real, descriptions are vivid. The pacing is exciting. And having served in the Royal Navy, you know his battle narratives ring true. Many of Stockwin’s characters recur from novel to novel, and one of my favourites is Stirk, who has been with Kydd from the beginning. One of those most stirring and realistic bits of dialogue is his near the end of the novel.

I think you will find it entertaining reading!

And just three recent reader comments :-

‘Just finished Persephone, you build us up, drop us down with a thump and then raise us up again. A very enjoyable experience!’

‘I can understand Mr Stockwin finding difficulty in writing this emotionally charged book. He has managed it beautifully. And he’s a man to boot, like me!! A lot of people think that only women can do this well. Well it’s obviously not true. May I send a message to Julian’s wife – There are not very many men in this world who can write so sensitively about love between a man and woman. Her husband obviously can. I have to say I was much moved.’

‘Once again a masterpiece from the pen of Julian Stockwin. To be able to write fiction mixed with historical fact is brilliant. From start to finish an excellent read and gave me some sleepless nights. A tale that was both spell bound yet moving and kept me on the edge of my seat. Many twists and turns led you through the countryside of Portugal to the fashionable world of upper class London. A final twist at the end made the book for me. Thank you Julian another great effort and I believe one of your best yet. Can’t wait till November for my next Kydd fix.’

Persephone is available now in the UK as hardback, ebook and audio download and in U.S. as ebook and audio download. The hardback will be available in the States and the rest of the world in early September.

The Book Depository offers a discount on Persephone plus FREE SHIPPING worldwide

The next title in the Kydd Series is The Baltic Prize, out November 2. As usual I will be offering a Collectors Set of this book

4 Comments on “Plaudits for Persephone”

  1. As if I am not already excited and looking forward to reading ‘Persephone’, the wonderfully descriptive readers comments have me raring to go! Well done again, young man (Julian) .. .. . Jim

  2. Thanks Julian for another great read. I’ve really enjoyed following the story of Thomas Kydd and look forward to seeing how he moves on.

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  4. Loved it that Thomas finally found the love of his life: Persephone. I really love the series and have read them all in order. Keep them coming!

    Tom Hopkins St. Louis , Missouri, USA

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