The Kydd Kit: Spread the Word!

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Sorry – SOLD OUT !

The Kydd Kit

The Kydd Kit
Spread the word!

Would you like to help ‘spread the word’ about the Kydd series? We’ve put together a great KYDD Kit – a special selection of Stockwin memorabilia: some to keep for yourself, others to hand out to ‘spread the word.’ You can pass them on to friends, bookshops, your local library – wherever you’d like to recommend the adventures of Tom Kydd.

This free KYDD Kit includes postcards, bookmarks, an author photograph, signed bookplates, a mystery item – and a great Union Jack Tote! There is a small charge for postage.

9 Comments on “The Kydd Kit: Spread the Word!”

  1. Love the Kydd novels, but prefer those first two when he was before the mast. How much would it cost to send a Kydd pack to Canada? I could use one in my naval history display at the library branch I work at,

  2. Juilian, I have followed kydd since the very first edition, and I am always eager for the next one I am just coming to the end of Caribbee, which as always is full of action thank you,

  3. is saying that Caribbee will not be shipped until the end of December. Is there an issue with all shipping of the book everywhere or just in Canada? I’m tempted to order direct from the UK or the US then.

      • Hello Julian
        When I pre-ordered it said Nov 1 on the Canadian site. Now it says Dec 3! I cancelled that and decided to go with the UK site, and they have already dispatched it! Really looking forward to this book!

        • Should always go to the source, but you will find it worth the wait, hope you enjoy as much as I did

  4. Julian. Thank you so much for Kydd. I am an up-to-date Kydd reader and love them. My son born in 1974 was brought up on Star Wars but now he has a one hour commute he has discovered, with a little encouragement from me, the love of reading an earlier history/fiction series, namely Kydd and his adventures. My love of fighting sail started on the Foudroyant when it was a floating host to youth camps in the ’50s in Portsmouth so near Victory. Thank you and keep writing.

    Anthony Heazell
    Now living too far from the sea near Calgary, Alberta Canada

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