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  1. Recently acquired a copy of this book, principally because it contains a page on William Dampier (page 83). Will be passing it on to my son as a present, eventually. I must comment on a couple of points. Dampier was more a privateer than a buccaneer. I am sure that you are well aware of the difference. The other concerns the voyage on the Roebuck. One doesn’t know from your book whether his stop at Ascension Island was outwards or on the return. In fact, of course, it was on the return journey and he had had to cut his expedition short as his ship was in poor condition (worm-eaten), and foundered at Ascension. They were lucky to reach there. He was sacked from the RN, not because of the loss of the ship, but because of being court-martialled due to the ill treatment of his First Lieutenant. He went back to privateering, sailing for his third and last circumnavigation from Bristol. I realise that it is difficult to condense the life of a man such as this onto one page, but the poor chap seems to have suffered from being unrecognised/overshadowed in later life for what he discovered and achieved, I try my best to publicise his efforts in the talk that I give to local groups (around Bristol). Of course, he is “flavour of the month”, every month, in North West Australia!!! By the way, I have been in correspondence with the dive/explore team from West Australia Maritime Museum that brought up the bell of the Roebuck from Ascension Island just a few years ago, and use a couple of their pics with kind permission.

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