Live the Adventure!

“A sensitive and insightful portrayal of a common man’s rise to fame and distinction in the age of fighting sail. Reeks of authenticity…” Quarterdeck

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  1. I also have read read the Aubrey, Lewrie, Hownblower, Bolitho , Ramage as well as the James L Nelson series and yours remains one of the best. Tyger is your best yet, full of diverse adventure and showing how Kydd forges the most amazing bonds on the forecastle and the quarterdeck. I can’t wait for the next one, keep up the great work…Patrick is smiling from beyond.

  2. Dear Julian,

    I am both amazed and aghast that I have only just discovered your books, and the wonderful world of Thomas Kydd’s maritime adventures. I must have been living in a cave for the last ten years.

    Meanwhile I have had to physically restrain myself from reading up on our other titles in the series just so I don’t go ‘spoiler’ myself!

    I am only on chapter 4 of the first book in the Kydd series – but my wife has insisted I put my kindle down and get on with the weekend chores.


    But later tonite, I’ll pour a Craggenmore, light up a Cuban and quietly plunge back into the action.

    So thank you so much for all the anticpated pleasures to come….


    • Julian – thank you indeed for your kind words about my Kydd tales. Like your evening reading style, by the way! And out of curiousity – where did you discover the books?

  3. Big Jules, I wrote to you a good while ago about The Silk Tree,
    You kindly wrote back saying there would be no more Marius, but that you did plan another book [outside the wonderous Kydd series].
    I cannot find your reply anywhere on the site, although I am sure it is there !
    Can you update me please or tell me I imagined it !!


    John Plumer

  4. Having read all Kydd books, I then moved on to listening to them on my frequent journeys through France.
    Having reached “Caribee” after listening to the first two chapters, I strongly feel this one above all others would make a magnificent film.
    Have you ever approached anyone re putting your books into film?

  5. Dear Julian
    Just finished TYGER.
    Your best yet — breathtaking battles and heart-rending sentiment.
    Mike Z.

  6. I’m anxiously waiting for the publication of Tyger to see where Kydd and Renzi are headed next. One book a year isn’t nearly enough!

  7. Hi Julian just finished reading Pasha great novel I came across it by accident at the local library with my grandson he knows I love Naval novels of that period I had just finished reading another author by the name of Sean Thomas Russell series of 3 books so I was excited to see you have a lot of books in your series have to start from Kydd

  8. Jules: I thought I would just mention one real highlight for me in reading `Betrayal` was the visit of General Beresford to L`Aurore. I had to grin thinking about how much of an eye-opener it must have been for any Land Soldier to have a day at sea with the Royal Navy in those days. How true it was that the jolly tars were trained to perfection and how the enemy must have feared them. As I look out of the window here in Dartmouth I am looking across at the Britannia Royal Naval College and wondering what the future holds for the Royal Navy

  9. Julian,

    My grandad introduced me to your books (I’m only 13), and I have never regretted it. The Kydd books feed my interest in the 1800s, and your books show a different perspective of life to Hornblower. I find some books depressing, but I ALWAYS want to read on. You have a natural talent for writing.

  10. Just read my first (e-book) of yours, “The Admiral’s Daughter”, and have highly recommended it, and your work to my email group. Great stuff! I find your style a welcome place between (my occasional ) Patrick O’Brien, and Dewey Lambdin content-reads. As a long-time rag-sailor, your attention to the sailing details is very much appreciated. I’ll be starting the Kydd series soon. As an American I wonder if there are any good “age-of-sail” series/books about us Yanks? Mike Griffin in San Diego

    • Delighted to hear you’re enjoying my Kydd tales – and thank you for your kind comments on THE ADMIRAL’S DAUGHTER. You might enjoy subscribing to “Quarterdeck” an online magazine that features nautical and historical fiction from around the world. You can do so via – and also read the back list of the issues. Happy reading!

  11. Big Jules
    I am trying to buy your next book ‘tyger’ I do not want to pay using pay pal as your exchange rates are not to my liking, how can I persuade your system that I would like to pay in pounds despite being in France?????.
    Many thanks one of your devoted readers, Andy Paton.

    • Hi, Andy – I regret I have no control over PayPal exchange rates but I am happy to accept a Sterling cheque, made out in my name, if this is preferred. It can be sent to Julian Stockwin c/o Carole Blake, Blake Friedmann Agency, First Floor, Selous House , 5-12 Mandela St, London, NW1 0DU.

  12. Julian, I just finished The Silk Tree. It was a tremendous read. I have also read all fifteen Thomas Kydd books and eagerly look forward to the next one. I believe that you are working on a second story independent of the Kydd series. Would appreciate a brief description of what it is about and when it will be published. Thank you in advance. Sonny Beddia

    • Thank you for your kind words on THE SILK TREE and THE KYDD SERIES. Yes, am planning a second standalone independent of the Kydd tales. Hope to announce details shortly.

  13. Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to browse your blog on my iphone during lunch break.
    I enjoy the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
    I’m surprised at how quick your blog loaded on my mobile ..
    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, superb site!

  14. Hello Julian, still researching our common ancestors. Were you aware whilst writing about Chatham docks and Newgate prison that a Luke Stockwin (might be 2 different individuals) were associated with both? A Luke resigned his naval commission and became a Chelsea pensioner from Chatham and another Luke died in Newgate prison in 1837 after staying for 2 years, when his original sentence was 3 months (born around 1789). The Chelsea pensioner does link in somehow to our line as he was born in Tipton around 1770s.Clare Marshall

  15. Hello.
    Wonderful ripping yarns.
    I am an audiobook person and have eaten up all of Kydd in the last few months.and am wondering about what sort of delay there is before an Audio version of Pasha will be available.
    My congratulations to the narrator and producers of your audiobooks by the way.
    So well done.
    Sincerely, MP

      • Thank you sir. I really was glad I started reading the books. I love good historical fiction, especially sea stories. I had read the Hornblower series, Drinkwater series, Bolitho series, Sabatini books, the Marryat books, a couple I can’t find any more that were written in the 18th and early 19th century, and I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything new to read. I haven’t read the Master and Commander series yet. Your series really appeals to me because of the technical information. It makes me feel similar to the adventures I read in Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons when I was younger.

        To bide my time I have been reading the Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period off of Guttenberg. I like the story where some privateers of Providence Island parcel out a ship that was taken as a prize, giving the anchor and cable to the Master. The master went and took the anchor and cable, even though it was still being used to moor the ship, and the ship drifted ashore. The “Admiral” of the privateers base tried to have a trial by jury to punish the Master for this misdemeanor, but found the men selected for the jury were “soe absurde and ignorant as sone made me finde the miserie of trialls in these dayes by such kinde of men”. The Admiral decided that all future crimes would be tried and punished in a different way. I had to chuckle as I was envisioning a pirate admiral trying to have a jury of drunken pirates sitting over one of their own…….

        • Hi Steve, as an avid reader of this type of genre, and as abookdealer I have good access. I can recommend ‘Midshipman Quinn’ by Showell Styles, published 1956. Although a childrens book ,it tells the exciting story of a young midshipman in 1802/3 aboard HMS Althea in the Med. The copy I have just obtained is not for sale but if anyone can find it get it, a young Kydd type of yarn. Colin

  16. Have just finished PASHA–great story, Sir Thomas is really”going places!!”
    your grasp of the times is amazing. can’t wait for the next adventure Congratulations, John


    • Hi, Robert. For some reason my emails to you do not seem to have been getting through. Yes, you are on the list for next year’s signed book Set and I did email you to confirm this. I will do so again just so you have it in writing and could you confirm this latest email has arrived.

  18. Just looked at the Amazon site to see when Pasha will be available as a paperback; May 2015!? Sadly, purchasing the hardback version is not an option as “she who must be obeyed” (ex WREN and careful with our money) would not take kindly to my spending what she would consider a lot, on a book, no matter how good it was.
    Oh well, patience is a virtue, so it’s said.
    Kindle version, not an option.

  19. Hi Julian

    just received Pasha on Friday and I have just put it down. Again my thanks on a brilliant book yet again and for satisfying my Kydd fix for another year. I am starting to read the series again to help me through the next year. Wonderful graphic descriptions of the Dardanelles and Constaninople. The prose takes you to the heart of the era and makes the book more believable. Can’t wait for the next as usual. Thank you Jules and I am looking forward to receiving my copy of The Silk Tree.

    Keiran Allsopp-Robson

  20. One of the greatest enjoyments of reading KYDD .. and several others of lesser genre .. is examining the foods these period mariners had available. I’m wondering at the mention of .. “greens”. Just what sort of greens? Spinach, Kale, Cabbages .. surely not just wild onions, rhubarb leaves, or simple kelp.

  21. Sea Scout, US Navy US Merchant Marine,

    Finally books on the RN as seen by the men before the mast. Able Seamen and Gunners. Up through the hawse, as I did and a fine sailor man. Just finished book 8 and have a feeling that Kydd’s true love waits aboard a hulk at Sheerness. Also your take on the Nore Mutiny as seen by the jacks from the foc’s’le intead of officers from the great cabins is priceless. Thank You HTS

  22. I am a great fan of the Kydd series and have anxiously been waiting for Pasha. However, I’m disappointed to see that it is not available in audiblebook format. Is there any plan to do so? Hope so! Keith.

  23. Julian,

    I’ve read the Aubrey, Hownblower, Bolitho & Ramage series of books over the last several years. In all them the main characters are all fine upstanding gentlemen with the Navy in their blood. It is great to read series where the hero starts out as a pressed man and grows into a Navy man I read. Great job in bringing the common man into this genre. Reminds me of “White Jacket.” Keep up the great work.

    • Been on vacation for two weeks and finished my last two in the series with Caribbee.. so sad to say I have nothing left to read until you write more, Julian! ! Picked up a Joseph Conrad novel to start last night..but it doesn’t read as easily as yours!!! Waiting for Pasha….. Patty Martin

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