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  1. Julian: We have communicated before – here in Dartmouth with cats!. Going to get the Caribee soon but in the meantime have started reading them all again from the start. Bit of a giggle trying to get Google to come up with translations on the terms you used (i.e. Culley, Cuffin etc). Got everything but the right answer. Most of my naval friends are a bit baffled by them as well. One thing, you have a page on Amazon but it seems to be non-functional (at least that`s what Amazon tell me)

    • Stephen – bit puzzled about the Amazon page, it works for me Hope you enjoy your trip to the Caribbean, Kathy and I would love to visit again sometime. On the question of terms in the Kydd series (which I’ve culled over the years from many different sources) – recent titles do have short glossaries in the books and there are some good online sources available such as (Falconer’s Dictionary of the Marine). I plan to start a regular blog post in the New Year on “KyddSpeak” so I’d be happy for you and other readers to send in any words that have stumped you!

      • I do apologise for not responding. I was not notified that you had commented. I appreciate the pointer re words used in the Kydd series. I am sure my family and I will enjoy the Caribbean cruise (my daughter`s first cruise which she seems to be dreading). We had a holiday in St. Kitts and also Antigua and I have visited English Harbour quite a few times so when reading Kydd I can visualise it all again. I know I should not have but I did actually lounge briefly on the bed Nelson used. I can now say that I slept where Nelson slept

  2. Got a text from my bookshop today “Your book is ready to be collected”.
    Swigged my coffee, hot-footed it to the shop and have now completed four chapters of CARIBBEE —
    It is BRILLIANT !!!!

  3. Come along now, Nicholas, old trout, do the honourable thing and make an honest woman of dear Cecelia 🙂

  4. I’ve become somewhat of a naval historian and resident encyclopedia of naval customs, traditions, and usages among my family and friends in the subjects of the Royal Navy and U.S. Navy .. all from reading the near dozen series of popular authors. But, it is safe to say that the most detailed of these come from the KYDD series. I might well earn several credit hours in literary research alone thanks to Big Jules.

  5. Not long now; I’ve pre-ordered CARIBBEE from Waterstones !

    I wonder if Pookie Turner stowed away on a prime frigate;
    then returned home a pocket full of prize money for her and her Mum;
    then married a rich sugar plantation owner;
    then moved with him to the plantation house near St John’s Antigua . .
    then meets Tom Cutlass at a ball at Government House;
    Hmm, hmm, I wonder :))

  6. If ever you find room to stuff in another topic in Miscellanea, or in your blog, your readership might like to know and see photos/drawings/descriptions of an official Royal Navy galley stove; how it worked in detail .. maybe even a recipe or two.

  7. Since picking up the first Kydd, many years ago i have eagerly awaited the next instalment. You bring the age of sail to life, long may they continue.

  8. Julian, I’ve just read KYDD and had to tell you how greatly I admire it. What a fascinating panorama of life on board a ship-of-the-line, what a thrilling adventure, and, most of all, what a moving portrayal of Tom Kydd’s transformation from terrified pressed landsman to clever able seaman. I was struck, too, by the fine dialogue you created for these characters, so bewitchingly vivid. Thank you for the experience! I am now ordering the next books in the Kydd series, and I very much look forward to more of your stirring artistry.

    Barbara Kyle
    (author of the Thornleigh Saga)

  9. I am looking forward to Caribbee in October, and while I wish more than one book came out per year, I can appreciate the amount of research and hard work that goes into each volume, and it shows in the finished product! This is an excellent series.

  10. When the new JS book arrives through the post , I then read the one from the previous year, in between I re read from the beginning(Kydd). That way I always have somethhing to look forward to as I wont read the new book until a year hence….it works for me.
    Colin Lewsey

  11. I do miss your books, trouble is that I get through them so quickly.Eagerly await October, but hope you have many more in the pipeline.

      • So looking forward to Caribbee. Waiting a year between your books just adds to the anticipation, and while I wish they came more often, I realize that it takes a lot of research to put out such a fantastic product. Keep up the great work!

  12. Have read all the Series and enjoyed every one Many have tried to copy what you do some are good but they fall well short of your standard
    keep writing

  13. Looking fwd to Caribbee, It’s going to be my birthday prezzy. Even if I gotta buy it for myself (as usual). Keep up the good works.
    From an ex-POME

  14. I’m on page 118 of ‘Betrayal’, having read the other 12 books since June. What on earth am I going to do when I finish it? I can’t wait until October. What am I going to do without Kydd and Renzi until then? Start again, I suppose, with ‘Kydd’.

  15. Really enjoy every page not just because of the adventure (Gripping) but find it a great education. So looking forward to the next adventure to fill the winter nights. Thank you very much
    John Bruce

  16. I have just started Conquest. I have steadily worked my way through from the start about a year ago. This is by far my favourite series and characters. As a stoker I love that most of the terminology has not changed in 250 years! it’s so real you feel you are there on the gun deck then quarterdeck alongside Kydd and Renzi. Thank you Mr Stockwin.

  17. Having read my Hornblower, Aubrey & Bolitho so many times I was very happy to discover Kydd a few weeks ago. I just completed # 9 (Treachery) and looking forward to starting Invasion tomorrow. Very well done, thoroughly enjoyable!

  18. Dear Julian,

    You have a fan who is a tour guide on HMS Victory. Love the books, keep them coming.

    Regards Chris Revell

  19. Dear Mr Stockwin,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your books and am now reading Conquest.

    I find it enjoyable to have a map nearby to better understand some of the situational locations. Thanks for the map in Conquest an in Victory.

    Would you consider having a stand-alone graphic novel style book of maps dipicting various locations in your novels?

    Thank You,

    • Hi, Tim – thanks for the feedback about the maps. I’m happy to report my publisher has commissioned special maps also for CARIBBEE. Interesting idea about a book of maps; I’m hoping to publish a Companion to the Kydd series at some point in the future and this would include maps.

      • I would buy your book with the maps as an Atlas to go with it but not particularly as a stand alone maps only volume.

      • A companion volume to the Kydd adventures would be fantastic Fair winds, Mr Stockwin, and keep up the wonderful work!

  20. I am enjoying these books. As I enjoyed the CSForester books. I am looking forward to your newest.

    I am eagerly awaiting your new book.

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