The Powder of Death: What Readers are saying

I’m chuffed with the reception my second historical standalone The Powder of Death is receiving, especially the all five-star reviews on Amazon, comments on social media, and the numerous personal emails to me from readers. Here’s a selection of these comments. And there’s a contest to win a copy of the book at the end of the blog!

‘Once again Julian has written a compelling, “Can’t put it down” yarn. Beginning at the end of the 1200s in England, the story travels to the Holy Land, Italy and France. It tells the story of the use of gunpowder and its development by the Chinese as a novelty, The central figure, a blacksmith turned merchant, Jared, witnesses its use in battle and immediately realizes its potential, thus the tale of the challenges Jared faces in trying to replicate and harness the power of the powder. A wonderful, informative novel that would make a great movie.’

x1024-powder of death packshot‘This is a remarkable book for weaving historical facts on the origin and development of gun powder into novel or storytelling format. I learned so much. Perhaps Julian Stockwin will one day write about all the research he did for this book. I have to admit I thought he was making up names for some of the instruments but then I looked up the names and found it was all true.’

‘We know Julian Stockwin best for taking us on adventures on the High Seas with Captain Kydd not the medieval world of knights and castles, but don’t let that put you off – this is every bit as good.’

‘Big fan of Kydd series, so thought I’d get a copy of this book and give it a go…no regrets as it is a wonderful yarn. Fast paced and compelling read, great character detail and interplay, with Jared the blacksmith becoming the central figure in Julian Stockwin’s tale of gunpowder and guns. Historical backdrops add to the tale, just a wonderful book.’

‘Once again Julian Stockwin has shown us his prowess as an author not only of maritime matters but historical matters as well… This account of the development of the ‘gunne’ and ‘gunne powder’ you get so involved with Jared the blacksmith willing him on to succeed in the development of his gunne and cannones. A brilliant read as usual so please Julian keep them coming. A must read for people who like historical novels.’

The Powder of Death is available in hardback, ebook and audiobook in the UK and in Australia in hardback and ebook. In the US and Canada it’s out in ebook and audiobook and the hardback will be launched October 27 in the US and in Canada on November 14.

For a chance to go into the hat to win a copy of the book email with the name of the first title in my Moments of History series published by Allison & Busby.
Deadline: October 28

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6 Comments on “The Powder of Death: What Readers are saying”

  1. Really loved Powder of Death, so did husband. Real page turner, more please. Kind regards Hilary

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  2. The Powder of Death may be good but the latest Kydd book – “Inferno” – is a great disappointment. Kydd hardly features. I wish Julian would concentrate on Kydd – if he has run out of ideas it’s time to “retire” Sir Thomas and put his effort into more historical fiction like the Powder of Death.

  3. Thank you Jules got the shock of my life when I read my review on The Powder of Death on your blog. I stand by every word and look forward to any others you will be producing in the future.

    • I greatly appreciate readers taking the time to share their enthusiasm for my books with others – and thank you again, Keiran, for your kind words. At the moment I’m concentrating on my Kydd Series commitments but plan to return to standalone historicals at some point in the future.

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