A Mega Bundle of Kydds!

1024-BundleTo celebrate the launch of the paperback of Tyger today my UK publisher Hodder & Stoughton has put together a very special contest prize — the entire Kydd series to date plus a Union Jack tote! For a chance to win this fabulous bundle of books just email me with the name of the next Kydd Series title, to be published in October. Please include your full postal address (This contest is restricted to UK addressees)

Deadline for entry: May 19

What reviewers have said about Tyger

‘Characterization is strong, even for secondary characters. The setting features just enough detail to provide a framework for the imagination to fill in, lending a feel to the novel that Stockwin found Kydd’s journal and filled in the dramatic details. Engaging and engrossing, Kydd’s adventure commanding Tyger is a swashbuckling good time…With strong pacing and a well-built plot, this book is good not only for historical-fiction fans but for anyone who loves a solid yarn. Kydd is a heroic figure to rival Horatio Hornblower or Jack Aubrey, and a great addition to the nautical-adventure genre.’ –Foreword Reviews

‘This latest cracking yarn in the Kydd and Renzi saga is a very, very, good novel… as fresh as the first in the series. As the sixteenth story in the series, this is an achievement in itself. Successful authors often become bored with their characters, or simply cannot think of how to develop them further. Fortunately, Stockwin is still enjoying his characters and their unfolding saga as the most avid fan. Having worked through to Trafalgar, the author would have been forgiven for resting on his laurels as so many before him have. Happily, he appreciated the rich seam of adventures that stretched out for the Royal Navy after 1805. He has already built instalments around two very important early dashes for Empire and this tale picks up the aftermath of the second dash.’ FIRE Reviews

‘There are only really two kinds of readers: Those who are devoted fans of British seafaring novels, particularly novels set in the swashbuckling era of the Napoleonic wars, and those poor benighted souls who aren’t. And for those who do love a good seafaring yarn, there are also two – and only two – classifications: Those who have been lucky enough to have stumbled on Julian Stockwin’s Thomas Kydd saga, and those who have yet to discover these treasures, which have delighted many a sailor, armchair and otherwise, since the turn of the century.

Tyger [is] the best one yet, a gripping yarn about a self-made captain whose loyalty to a man he admires earns him the wrath of those higher-up – and causes him to be stuck with command of a down-at-heels frigate fresh from a bloody mutiny. You won’t fall asleep reading this book. Action and adventure is one thing, but Tyger, like Mr. Stockwin’s other Kydd books, has a genuinely authentic feel to it.’ Toledo Blade

Tyger is also available in hardback, ebook and audio download. It is published in the States by McBooks Press

7 Comments on “A Mega Bundle of Kydds!”

  1. Sir, as I finish a book, I give it a grade – from 1 to 10. Plot earns 5 points character/character development earns 3 points, my personal reaction (page turning, etc.) 2 points. Very few books earn 10. All of your Kydd series earned 10 except Pasha. I gave that 11 points. I am starting Tigre tomorrow but don’t know what I will do then. I would like to see Tom marry before he sails off into the sunset. “SUNSET” is my suggestion for your next in the set, that is, if you insist on bringing the series to a glorious end.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Bernie – thank you indeed for your ’10’s! And that ’11’… Hope you find TYGER a great read, too – and rest assured I am planning to write quite a few more titles yet in the series. The next one is INFERNO, out this October.

  2. Hi, Really looking forward to Inferno.I do not see how you can keep up the pace. I am desperately trying to complete a memoir re my time on board HMS Worcester where i did my two year pre_ apprenticeship training. At that the the Cutty Sark was still part of the establishment and I was tasked with ralltling down the mainmast shrouds. Even though she was then moored fore and aft her movement made working at the to scary.Congratulations on your success to date. Barry Browning.

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  4. Hi Julian

    Is called inferno and I just ordered the signed embossed collectors version. I’m glad I got this email as I missed the one to say it was now available for order. Phew!

    Kind regards

    Simon Jones

  5. The launch of paperback of “Tyger”! My tip to order the book and have, again, a great time with Kydd and Renzi!

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