A Nelson Quiz – and a Double Book Prize!

Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square

Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square

Two hundred and ten years ago this day Lord Horatio Nelson died at Trafalgar. Test your knowledge of Nelson lore with these twenty questions. (Answers in my next blog.) And there’s a copy of Nelson: the New Letters edited by the late Colin White, up for grabs. This is one of my favourite books about Nelson for, as White himself wrote:

    In a sense this book is Nelson’s autobiography…he was a wonderful word-smith, genuinely as happy with a pen in his hand as a sword…[with] this treasure-trove…we can now effectively watch over Nelson’s shoulder at critical moments in his career.

Along with this title, the winner will also receive my book Victory. Contest entry details at the end of this blog.

The Quiz

1. Where is purportedly the largest collection of Nelson memorabilia in the western hemisphere?
2. How many siblings did Nelson have?
3. In what year was Nelson’s Column erected in Trafalgar Square?
4. Which French admiral attended Nelson’s funeral?
5. What was the origin of Nelson’s famous term ‘Band of Brothers’?
6. At which first recorded public event was the toast ‘The Immortal Memory’ first used?
7. What wound did Nelson receive on 12 July 1794?
8. What was unusual about Nelson’s coat of arms?
9. In which English county was Nelson born?
10. From which English county were the greatest number of sailors in Nelson’s Trafalgar fleet?
11. How tall was Nelson?
12. What was Nelson’s nickname as a child?
13. How many men and officers served in HMS Victory at Trafalgar?
14. Name Nelson’s first command.
15. Who was Josiah Nisbet?
16. How was Nelson’s body preserved after his mortal wounding at Trafalgar?
17. How did the inn called ‘The Wrestler’s Arms’ find a place in Nelson lore?
18. Which of Nelson’s captains was the only one killed at the Battle of the Nile?
19. Who is Anna Tribe?
20. During his lifetime Nelson was a prolific letter writer. Approximately how many do we know of that have survived?


Nelson new lettersFor a chance to win a copy of Nelson, the New Letters plus Victory email me with the name of the first vessel in which Nelson served. Deadline: October 30.
Please include your full postal address.


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