A Peek at PASHA

300-PASHA packshot

Here’s what three advance reviewers of Pasha have said:

  • What a read! This is a very mature novel, with various storylines woven expertly into the history.
  • All I can say is WOW!! So many twists and turns. So many questions answered. So many things set to rights, and then it’s all a whole new set up!! Totally unexpected and totally enjoyable.
  • I have enjoyed the Kydd series immensely, but Pasha is my favourite. I love the new developments in Renzi’s life. I will say no more!

    Click here to read an excerpt

    Pasha is published in hardback and ebook in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton on October 9, and in the US by McBooks Press on November 1

3 Comments on “A Peek at PASHA”

  1. I finished reading “Pasha” for the second time. I always re-read after a year ..I remember most of the stories, but it is in the sometimes forgotten details, that I find the most interesting..I am very much hoping that another Kydd/Renzi adventure is on the way this year.

    It is interesting to know that in those years of the great sail, and the times taken to carry vital intelligence, there would have indeed been “Renzis”. and that this kind of intelligence perhaps lingers on in another form?

    Barbara, Canberra Australia. (History teacher)

  2. My mouth is watering and that was almost cruel. I can’t wait to read Pasha! I have begun reading the series again for the third time and find always something new. Julian you are the best ever in this genre. I CAN ALREADY TASTE THE SALT AND GUN POWDER! ALL THE BEST, Joe

    *Joseph Zerbey* President/General Manager, Toledo Blade

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