News: THE SILK TREE to be published in November!

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Exciting news! This year, as well as the next book in the ongoing Kydd series, PASHA (coming out in October), I’m bringing out another historical action-adventure novel, THE SILK TREE.

Toasting the upcoming launch in November of THE SILK TREE with Allison & Busby’s Publishing Director Susie Dunlop

Toasting the upcoming launch in November of THE SILK TREE with Allison & Busby’s Publishing Director Susie Dunlop

The story begins in 549 AD. After escaping the sack of Rome with little more than their lives, two adventurers, Nicodorus of Leptis Magna and Quintus Carus Marius, are thrown together in Byzantium. They conceive of a desperate plan, daring all, to travel to legendary Sinae to steal the secret of silk from China.

Rooted in the historical record, this is an epic quest across an immense and hostile geographical canvas. It is also a tale of friendship and courage; myth and love.

So how did this book come about? On location research in Istanbul Kathy discovered a rather lovely silk scarf in the Grand Bazaar. While she was chatting to the merchant I idly wondered just how it was that silk was brought from China to the West. Intrigued, I did some research and the creative juices started flowing – I knew I had another story I had to tell …

It’s been hard work balancing two writing schedules but I’m thrilled that the British publisher Allison & Busby shares my enthusiasm for the story and are bringing out THE SILK TREE in November in hardback and ebook.

More on THE SILK TREE in upcoming blogs…

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33 Comments on “News: THE SILK TREE to be published in November!”

  1. Exciting news Julian. Please may I reserve a signed/limited first edition? Regards to you and your team. John.

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  3. Julian from Julius, Quentin from Quintus thanks you for using an old Roman derivative as a main character in THE SILK TREE.

  4. Excellent, Julian. Just the kind of creative endeavor I would have expected from you. Looking forward to a good read, if I can find it in the Bush of DownEast Maine! – WKD

  5. Very intriguing Julian! Looking forward to this one as well. Must be an interesting balancing to think back over so long a time span. Living in the now, writing and living so long in the Napoleonic era and thence dipping your toes in the waters of centuries past! May the wind continue to blow favourably through the sails of your creative mind and the rudder of the discipline of writing bit strong into the waves!

  6. Hi Julian Do you know if you will be doing a limited edition of this book? Im very interested, and this will be a must on my review schedule regards Robin Carter Parmenion Books

  7. Looking forward to The Silk Tree…and glad to see you eschewing the champagne in favor of what appears to be red wine…

  8. Julian

    I can’t wait to get my hands on both new books. You make life better for so many of us.


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