BookPick: Warship 2014

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Warship 2014

Warship 2014

The 36th edition of this annual maintains well-established standards of scholarship, research, news and reviews from the field of warship history. It features in-depth articles on a range of diverse subjects including a detailed technical description of the very large projected carrier designated CVA-01 and a review of the careers of Germany’s Braunschweig and Deutschland classes. Also included are — the development of the Italian aircraft carrier Cavour; the conception and characteristics of the armoured cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy; an unusual account of the escape of the Jean Bart from Saint-Nazaire; the history of Russia’s turret frigates of the Admiral Lazarev and Admiral Spiridov classes – and an examination of the post-war evolution of fire control in the Royal Navy. This last article was of particular interest to me as much of what it covered was still in practice during my own time at sea.

I particularly enjoyed the sections at the end of this year’s annual – Warship Notes, snippets of warship history; Gallery, photographs of the building of the French battleship Liberte and Naval Books of the Year – a fine selection of titles covering topics ranging from the Roman Navy to French carriers of the 1950s.

Published by Conway Maritime. ISBN 978 1 84486 236 8

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