Ebooks to Go: The Kydd Collection

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When I first started writing the Kydd series, the story of one man’s journey from pressed man to admiral in the Great Age of Fighting Sail, there were few ebooks around – now they’re rivalling physical books in terms of sales and popularity!

The Kydd Ebook Collection, Bundle 1

The Kydd Ebook Collection
Bundle 1

One of the things I’ve discovered about publishing since becoming an author is that this industry never rests on its laurels and is continually finding new ways to serve readers.

All my Kydd titles are available as ebooks around the world in various formats – kindle, epub, iBooks etc. and it is a great pleasure for me to announce the launch today of the first of my UK publisher Hodder & Stoughton’s Kydd Collection Ebook Bundles. This comprises the first three books – Kydd, Artemis and Seaflower.


Thomas Paine Kydd, a young wig-maker from Guildford, is seized by the press gang, to be a part of the crew of the 98-gun line-of-battle ship Royal William. The ship sails immediately and Kydd has to learn the harsh realities of shipboard life fast.


Now a true Jack Tar, Kydd sails into Portsmouth Harbour and a hero’s welcome after a ferocious battle against the French. However his jubilation is cut short when a family matter threatens to take him from the life he has grown to love.


It is two years since Thomas Kydd was spirited away in the night to serve his country aboard the old line-of-battle ship Duke William. Now, he and and the other members of the ill-fated Artemis are shipwrecked sailors, back in London waiting to be summoned as court martial witnesses.

Get the Kydd Collection 1 on Amazon

    Bundle 2 – Mutiny, Quarterdeck and Tenacious will be published on April 10
    Bundle 3 – Command, The Admiral’s Daughter and Treachery on April 17
    Bundle 4 – Invasion, Victory and Conquest on April 24

Published in the US by McBooks Press as widely available single title ebooks.
The first nine titles of the Kydd series in Japanese are available as ebooks.
NB: Treachery was published as The Privateer’s Revenge in the US

7 Comments on “Ebooks to Go: The Kydd Collection”

  1. And don’t forget the outstanding Audiobooks brilliantly read by Christian Rodska. If you haven’t indulged in them yet I highly recommend them as Christian’s characterisation for me adds a whole new dimension to the books.

  2. To John – I agree that ebooks are not a complete substitute for real books – or in anyway as satisfying to read. I consider my ebook collection as my traveling library. However – You can adjust the font size when reading an ebook to very large sizes. Hope this helps in some way!


  3. Jules – This is great! Except…..I am in the US and am pretty sure that I cannot download ebooks from Amazon.UK. Do you know when your publishers will arrange for US release? I am looking forward to that.

  4. Jules,
    That’s incredible good fortune for you and Kydd. I enjoy my real nautical library of which Kydd series is a favorite. To me the whole idea of ebooks is much aking to trading in canvas for a hefty Evinrude motor. Don’t believe I’ll ever indulge and as I age, I need larger, not smaller print. 🙂 best, john

  5. I have all the Kydd collection of books, I was lucky at Christmas and had a kindle, So now I have the full collection on it, Means I can Buy all new Title Books and then also get them on my kindle, just keep writing Julian
    Best Regards Phil

  6. ..,getting used to books on my tablet. I never thought I would after several decades of ‘real’ books. I put it in a cover, so at least it has an ‘open book’ feel in my hand.

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