Team Stockwin on Air Tomorrow!

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Team Stockwin!

Team Stockwin!

Recently, I received an email from a gentleman in Tennessee called Joe Young.

    Mr. Stockwin, I’m delighted to have found your work. My wife picked up a copy of Kydd in Nashville for my birthday. I have run up the rat-lines with Hornblower, Aubrey, Bolitho – and my now new mate Kydd.

He closed with:

    I own a couple of radio stations here and I would love to do an interview with you.

So, a mutually agreed time was set up and Kathy and I had a delightful half hour or so chatting with Joe about my books and what inspired me to write about the age of fighting sail.

The twenty-three minute interview will be broadcast tomorrow, 9:05 CST, March 19 on WYTM-FM 105.5 : Streaming

If you miss the live broadcast you’ll be able to catch it via a link on my Facebook page from March 20.

6 Comments on “Team Stockwin on Air Tomorrow!”

  1. Is the broadcast at 0905 CST or CDT (Central Daylight Time)? I seem to recall hearing recently that at least one US state is already on daylight saving time and this is supported by a Wikipedia article that indicates that DST comes into effect in much of the USA on the second Sunday in March. I’d hate to miss the interview by calculating the wrong time difference (and Facebook is not an option).

    • CST is an American time zone, Central Standard Time. The broadcast is 0905. If you can’t catch it then there will be a link on my Facebook page from the 20th.

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