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It’s always an enjoyable time for me when a new book comes out and I travel around various bookstores meeting readers

If you didn’t manage to catch me at one of the earlier signings here’s another two coming up soon:

Signing CARIBBEEs at Totnes Bookshop last week

Signing CARIBBEEs at Totnes Bookshop last week

  • On Saturday November 23 I’ll be at Torbay Bookshop at 10:30
    The Torbay Bookshop
    7 Torquay Road
    TQ3 3DU
    Tel: 01803 522011
  • And on Thursday November 28 I’ll be at Waterstones Drake Circus, 3 pm
    1 Charles St
    PL1 1EA
    Tel: 0843 290 8551

See you there!

10 Comments on “CARIBBEE Signings”

  1. Re your book signings, I used to live in Plymouth, but now Gloucestershire but regularly return, but disappointed to miss you !

    Could I trouble you to say where you are doing book signing from time to time. Hopefully one closer to me. so I can come and buy a book and meet you in the flesh !

    Kind regards,

    Paul Astbury

  2. Bought it, read it, loved every page of it and lived each and every moment. I was back in the Andrew and I was on board, ashore and in The Admirals’ quarters. How wonderful a mind you must have to conjure up these scenarios! The next cannot come soon enough. Hail the new Forester!!!

  3. Julian I have just finished caribbee, and it was good to follow up on the earlier caribbee adventure, cant wait until next year for your new book, Regards Phil

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