From a reader with many miles under the keel

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I’ve been very touched by the many wonderful messages I’ve received from readers recently, including this from Charles Eanes:

‘I read with interest one critic who called you “a master of Napoleonic-era atmosphere with rich descriptions of the military, politics and society” and added that your Kydd series was “approaching the level of C.S. Forester’s Hornblower books.” It’s my opinion that you’ve not only surpassed Forester but O’Brian, Lambdin, Kent, Pope and many others I have read.

As for some credence to that opinion, my wife and I have lived aboard our 52 foot ketch for over 20 years with thousands of nautical miles under the keel sailing between North and South America while visiting almost every island in the Caribbean. At 86, I have somewhat settled down on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but your descriptions of sailing at night under a bright Milky Way with phosphorus streaming off the bow brings back so many wonderful memories along with the more frightening ones in Atlantic gales and a few hurricanes.

One of the books written by the Eanes

One of the books written by the Eanes

We spent time on Antigua and walked the paths of Lord Nelson in English Harbor and dined under a tree on Nevis where he married Francis Nesbit.

If I believed in reincarnation I would swear I was before the mast during those times and places. However, I can claim a nautical heritage that dates back to the 1400s and a Portuguese ancestor, Gil Eanes, who sailed under Prince Henry the Navigator. He was the first captain to sail beyond Cape Bojador on the coast of Africa which at that time was feared by seamen as the edge of the earth.

Am now just finishing CONQUEST and hoping BETRAYAL will not be the last of Thomas Kydd and Renzi! I thank you for the many hours of naval history and pleasurable escape from today’s world your writing has provided me.’

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2 Comments on “From a reader with many miles under the keel”

  1. Kydd has been at my bedside from the beginning, even while traveling, and sometimes in preference over other evening entertainments. Since I finish each new book within a few days, I start over again with KYDD, and look forward to each Fall when the next is due. Come on CARRIBBEE !!!

  2. I see Jules comment “touched”, well I went “WOW!”, you could also write a fascinating book; that’s my sort of life, there’s hope for me yet!

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