Stockwin Goodie Bag Draw!

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The KYDD cap

The KYDD cap

The first BigJules contest is a draw of all those who’ve sign up to ‘follow’ my new blog – with the prize of a special Stockwin Giveaway with books, a Kydd Cap and a few mystery items! Entry is automatic once you’ve signed up.

The draw will be at the end of August and the winner will be contacted by email.

4 Comments on “Stockwin Goodie Bag Draw!”

  1. Second try, If I had a bucket list I would empty it and use the bucket. Then go grab this guy and make him do some sailing. Keep up the great work matie will be watching the blog with interest

  2. If I was to have a “Bucket List”. it would surely have you on it as I would love to meet you Sir. I would love to see England and explore the sites of Great Ships and all that England has to offer. So much of it would be wonderful to experience. You live in a Country with exceptional History as do I. Thank you Sir, for such wonderful adventures.

  3. Great to see new activity and two updates a week…. Awesome

    I did want to be the first to like the new blog – but I need a word press account….. Hmmm

    And from my iPhone I cannot follow the blog – a mere teething problem I am sure but thought I should let you know !

    (Nothing to do with wanting a fair chance of more kydd goodies!)

    And yes, a long term kydd fan – I am one of the 500 regulars so have a pretty good collection of signed first editions….

    And a question Julian – the crew were at sea for months at a time – how we’re the wives paid / supported?

    Looking forward to the next adventure!

    • Pete – haven’t had any other complaints re iPhones but will look into it. Thanks for the Ask BigJules question. Watch out for a post on it in the next week or so…

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