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Signed First Editions Offer

INVASION packshot_200Napoleon’s forces are poised to invade Britain, and Commander Thomas Kydd’s ship is at the forefront of the fleet defending the English coast. His honour restored after temporary disgrace in the Channel Islands, and reunited with his ship Teazer, Kydd seizes the chance to fight for his country.

If there is another title you would like to add to your collection contact me using the contact form below; a small number of other signed Kydd Series First Editions are available.

INVASION First Edition
For UK and Europe £25 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards
INVASION First Edition
For rest of world £30 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards

The Kydd Cap

The KYDD cap

The KYDD cap

The Kydd Cap – back by popular demand! Navy blue baseball-style cap with exclusive KYDD logo.

The KYDD Cap
For UK and Europe £9.99 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards
The KYDD Cap
The rest of the world £9.99 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards

21 Comments on “Shop

  1. The next time you hear a tap on your car door, it will be my “monkey in my trunk”. He will be looking for ball caps. Do not be alarmed, he is very picky. If he finds one he likes just bill him. thanks Doug ps. I hope you like bananas.

  2. Love your books just about to start “Command” There was a club at one stage is it still available?

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  4. Julian,

    I read my first Kydd book while waiting for my son to be born, now every birthday Ethan my son buys me the latest edition and we read it together. Thank you so much for your stories.


    Andy Morley

  5. Hello, Julian. I’ve just won raffle tickets and a Union Jack bag at the Lee & Stubbington RNA. I am absolutely delighted, and look forward to reading your books., In particular, as an Indie writer and publisher, I’d like to congratulate you on such an innovative marketing idea. No doubt you’d understand if I say writing the book, is the easiest part. Marketing is the hardest. I’ve just started marketing my latest book, Laura’s Gold – nowhere near your league, of course. But would you mind if I follow your Kydd Kit bag idea, please? Perhaps I could include a piece of your advertising as a ‘thank you’ for the idea. Best regards for the cming Festive Season. Mary Mills-Maclaren

    • Hello, Mary – thank you for your comments on the Kydd Kit. It was very popular and we hope to repeat it sometime next year. Do, by all means, copy the idea for your own book! Best wishes for the festive season. Julian

  6. Like your books, its nice to actually have an author i like who is still alive. There are only three of your Kydd novels available on Amazon for my Kindle. I would like to see more and thanks.

  7. And one Kydd cap goes as far from any sea as it gets – to Novokuznetsk, Siberia, Russia

  8. Hi
    I have recently discovered your books and have read them all one after the other, acquiring signed first editions of each for my collection. Please can you advise how I can be sure to obtain a signed first edition of Caribbee. ?

    Keep it up, I could not put any of these books down and I am no sailor, very readable, very entertaining.


    • Pleased to hear you’re enjoying the Kydd series, Tony. I will email you regarding a signed first edition of CARIBBEE.

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