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Kydd Club Postcard Pack Starter Set Lucky Dip
Stockwin to Go Tote

Signed First Editions

There are a limited number of signed First Editions available to purchase. These may be inscribed on request.

UK & Europe : Price £25 Title Rest of World : Price £30
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PayPal with Credit Cards caribbee-packshot_200.png PayPal with Credit Cards
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The Stockwin To Go Tote

300-Big Union Jack bagA handy Union Jack Tote and a selection of Stockwin memorabilia — a Navy Blue Kydd cap, Kydd series postcards & bookmarks and a special mystery Age of Sail artefact! As well, a signed paperback of one of the Kydd titles will be included.

Stockwin to go Tote
For UK and Europe £25.99 incl shipping:
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Stockwin to go Tote
For rest of world £34.99 incl shipping:
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Postcard Pack

300-PASHA packshotA selection of postcards of the covers of my books, including the Kydd series and my new standalone title, The Silk Tree. A leather bookmark will also be included while stocks last! There’s a nominal charge to cover p&p.

Postcard Pack
For UK and Europe £2.50 incl shipping:
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Postcard Pack
For rest of world £4 incl shipping:
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Starter Set

300-StarterSetSigned copies of Kydd and Artemis, the first two paperbacks in the series, bookmarks, postcards and info sheets. Presented with a smart Union Jack tote∗ to carry them in! (You may select any two other paperback titles, if you wish – just email your preferences after you place your order) ∗The tote is not included in overseas orders

Starter Set
For UK and Europe £18 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards
Starter Set
For rest of world £24 incl shipping:
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Lucky Dip

300-LuckyDipYou have a one in three chance to hit the jackpot! We guarantee a signed Kydd series UK hardback of at least £17 value, but you may be one of the lucky ones to receive a Signed First Edition – a very collectable item.

Lucky Dip
For UK and Europe £19 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards
Lucky Dip
For rest of world £25 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards

The Kydd Cap

The KYDD cap

The KYDD cap

The Kydd Cap – back by popular demand! Navy blue baseball-style cap with exclusive KYDD logo.

The KYDD Cap
For UK and Europe £9.99 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards
The KYDD Cap
The rest of the world £9.99 incl shipping:
PayPal with Credit Cards

The KYDD Club certificate

The KYDD Club certificate

The Kydd Club

This is a is a special world-wide group for Julian Stockwin fans. There is a small joining fee and membership is for life.

On joining you will be sent a Welcome Pack which includes:

    A personalised Membership Certificate
    A welcome card signed by Julian
    An exclusive Kydd Club wristband
    Postcards & a Kydd series bookmark

Regular Kydd Club Bulletins are sent out during the year with exclusive contests and special offers, including advance notification of Collector’s Sets and offers of First Editions.

KYDD Club Membership £10 :
PayPal with Credit Cards
The KYDD Club Gold Cap

The KYDD Club Gold Cap

The KYDD Gold Cap
(This offer is open to Kydd Club members only)
Be outstanding – let others know you are in the Kydd Club with this premium gold version of the Kydd Cap. Only members quoting their Club number are authorised to have this!

KYDD Club Gold Cap £9.99 :
PayPal with Credit Cards

W artemis print

Cover Art

The first 8 covers of the Kydd books, painted by Geoff Hunt RSMA, are available as limited edition prints from Art Marine.

W audiobook cover for C


From Whole Story Audiobooks – the Kydd series is available now as CD sets of audiobooks.
Browse the Kydd audiobooks collection and listen to an excerpt of each book.

The Kydd Series audiobooks are also available as digital downloads at Audible in the UK and Audible in the USA

54 Comments on “Shop

  1. Could you advise me whether the last three books are available in signed Limited edition format.
    The last signed book I have is Carribee, Iwould like to fill in the gap in my collection.

    • Stephen – I replied to your earlier query re this, below. I regret I only have limited stocks of signed First Editions and not the complete range.

  2. I have all the Kydd books up to and including Caribee. All signed first editions.
    Circumstances prevented me buying any since, however I would now like to catch up with this brilliant series.
    Which 1st edition signed books since Caribee have been released and are still available?

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  9. Is it possible to purchase prints or pdfs of the prints of the covers of Julian’s books?

  10. Hi Simon,
    From a huge Julian Stockwin fan do yourself a favour start reading the series from the beginning. They first book “Kydd” it all comes together as you read on.

  11. Hi

    I’ve just discovered your books with Caribbee and at the age of 35 it has become the second fiction book I have finished in living memory! Don’t get me wrong, I do read but it has always been fact books before.

    Anyway, I absolutely loved it! So much so that I have just order Invasion and Pasha from you and Victory, Betrayal and Conquest from bookshops. I have only just found this page, otherwise I would have got them all from here!

    Kind regards


  12. Been following your books since Artemis was published, fantastic series and look forward to reading many more!

    Do you still have any signed first editions of Victory left? No worries if you don’t but would be nice to get a hold of one.

    best regards:)

  13. I love all your books, they are as good, if not better than Alexander Kent’s Bolitho books. – I would if still available like to purchase a signed first edition of ” Mutiny ” thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words about my Kydd tales, Jack. I regret, however, that I do not have any signed First Editions of MUTINY still available.

  14. Hi Julian
    Could you let me know what other signed first editions are available?
    Best wishes

    • At the moment – TREACHERY, CONQUEST, COMMAND, INVASION, VICTORY AND QUARTERDECK – very limited stocks so suggest email if you’re interested and I can let you know prices and postage. Discount for purchase of 3 or more titles.

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  18. Hi Julian…i am in the process of moving overseas and no longer have “wall space” for my John Chancellor collection…are either you and/or your followers interested in aquiring all or any of the following

    John Chancellor

    • Victory in Pursuit of Nelson 218/850 + A5 booklet
    • Easterly Haze 37/850
    • Hove To 94/850
    • Coasting “Shamrock” in Start Bay 68/850
    • Margaret of Torquay 76/850
    • Spring Tide Freight 105/850
    • Taking Bude after a Blow 86/850
    • Maritime Paintings of John Chancellor hard-back book

    Many thanks


    • If anyone is interested in these either reply here or email me and I will forward your email to Charlie.

  19. Do you have any remaining first edition copies of “Caribbee” available for purchase? I would like to acquire one for a good friend who is retiring and is the person who turned me on to your books

  20. The next time you hear a tap on your car door, it will be my “monkey in my trunk”. He will be looking for ball caps. Do not be alarmed, he is very picky. If he finds one he likes just bill him. thanks Doug ps. I hope you like bananas.

  21. Love your books just about to start “Command” There was a club at one stage is it still available?

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  23. Julian,

    I read my first Kydd book while waiting for my son to be born, now every birthday Ethan my son buys me the latest edition and we read it together. Thank you so much for your stories.


    Andy Morley

  24. Hello, Julian. I’ve just won raffle tickets and a Union Jack bag at the Lee & Stubbington RNA. I am absolutely delighted, and look forward to reading your books., In particular, as an Indie writer and publisher, I’d like to congratulate you on such an innovative marketing idea. No doubt you’d understand if I say writing the book, is the easiest part. Marketing is the hardest. I’ve just started marketing my latest book, Laura’s Gold – nowhere near your league, of course. But would you mind if I follow your Kydd Kit bag idea, please? Perhaps I could include a piece of your advertising as a ‘thank you’ for the idea. Best regards for the cming Festive Season. Mary Mills-Maclaren

    • Hello, Mary – thank you for your comments on the Kydd Kit. It was very popular and we hope to repeat it sometime next year. Do, by all means, copy the idea for your own book! Best wishes for the festive season. Julian

  25. Like your books, its nice to actually have an author i like who is still alive. There are only three of your Kydd novels available on Amazon for my Kindle. I would like to see more and thanks.

  26. And one Kydd cap goes as far from any sea as it gets – to Novokuznetsk, Siberia, Russia

  27. Hi
    I have recently discovered your books and have read them all one after the other, acquiring signed first editions of each for my collection. Please can you advise how I can be sure to obtain a signed first edition of Caribbee. ?

    Keep it up, I could not put any of these books down and I am no sailor, very readable, very entertaining.


    • Pleased to hear you’re enjoying the Kydd series, Tony. I will email you regarding a signed first edition of CARIBBEE.

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