Privacy Statement

General Data Protection Regulation: Statement by Kydd and Co Ltd

The storage, processing and sharing of data on-line is now being regulated by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Julian Stockwin and associates (Kydd and Co Ltd) do recognise and support this move and have taken all appropriate steps to comply.

Personal data may be defined as any information that may be used in a direct or linked sense to identify a person. The only data kept by Kydd and Co on any person is strictly confined to the retention of a name and email address. If any Kydd and Co products are from time to time purchased such as Collectors Sets or promotional goods this may be linked to a home address for delivery. There are no banking details kept whatsoever, these being protected in their turn by the PayPal organisation and are of no concern to Kydd and Co. No third party at any time or for any reason has access to, or is invited to share data held by Kydd and Co.

The processing of such data, such as its recording, storing and removal is the responsibility of the Data Controller, who in Kydd and Co is the principal, Julian Stockwin, who also fulfils the role of Data Processor overseeing these standards. Any enquiry of a person concerning what data if any is held on them or seeking to expunge their details will be promptly actioned (email:

The basis for processing of data by Kydd and Co is contractual, in order to fulfil the delivery of goods as ordered and to provide a channel to alert current readers of the arrival of the next book.

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