Live the Adventure!

“One man’s journey from pressed man to Admiral in the Great Age of Fighting Sail…”
The Thomas Kydd Novels [ Download PDF ]


405 Comments on “Live the Adventure!”

  1. Hey Julian,
    after book 8 I had to swoop to english language to read your book. Never I done that before. Now I stay at book 16 and enjoy the time together.

    Thank you,
    Karsten from Hamburg

    • I’m hoping that further titles will be translated into German in the future but for the moment delighted you’re enjoying the English versions.

  2. I have read all your Kydd books right up to the Iberian Flame, by now I would have purchased your more recent issues, but have’nt been able to get out to the shops, but I hope to sooner or later. Hope you have managed to evade the virus, keep well.

  3. Excuse my impudence !!. Whilst I have followed Kydd with great relish, I once wrote to you reference the Two wonderful Standalones.
    On opening page 34 of The Times November tenth, I immediately thought of you and a third Standalone, when I read the piece “Western Wall work yields 1,000-year-old………..
    It turned out that during excavations for a lift shaft in Jerusalem a tiny clay jug, containing four 1000 year old gold coins was found.
    That must set your creative juices racing to your laptop!
    I know you you can do it !!

    John Plumer

  4. I’ve read the O’Brian series twice, Pope series, Hornblower series and now your series underway. I read in bed with my I pad beside me to look up some island, port, fortress to better understand the settings. Love your novels.
    What series do you recommend next?
    George McCabe

  5. What a great escape that you have afforded me sir! While I toil and think of the sea at work a little bug of a earphone speaks fantastic stories from you’re imagination that I thank you kindly for and while an avid reader I think a handshake to Christian Rodska wouldn’t be out of the question either. Good writing to you from a fan in Florida!

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